Sangara - Symphony Of Evil review

Band: Sangara
Album: Symphony Of Evil
Release date: 2005

01. Last Scream
02. Symphony Of Evil
03. Under The Ruins
04. Pain
05. Hate
06. To See The Light
07. The Unknown Land
08. Black Morning
09. One
10. Fear
11. For Rock'n'Roll

The Heavy Metal scene is active in Russia and probably more than a lot of you could believe. Look, "Symphony Of Evil, last album of Sangara is a new release of a powerful Heavy with lyrics all in Russian!!! You see, we have true Heavy combos in the east too…

True Heavy combos, that suffers in the case of Sangara of a total unoriginality. Ok, this album is not so bad especially when you know that we don't have a new Power metal release and that, at the opposite, Sangara plays something in the Iced Earth spirit. But on the other hand we already heard this kind of music 10000 times. This is not bad on a side and the production is more than ok but I don't know how to explain it… this album doesn't catch me…

However the musicians of Sangara seem to be good players, the singer has a nice voice and there is some songs like "Hate" or "Last Scream" that give a better overall level to the album, but this is just a bit too much monotonous and it's hard to fall in love with the music of the band especially when you listen to lyrics in Russian (that doesn't sound so bad no no, but....) and cannot understand anything. I must do a remark however, "Symphony Of Evil" is not bad but just a bit uncolored and I believe in the potentiality of the band if they only know how to give some more personality to their music. If they can do it, it will work on the next album.

"Symphony Of Evil" is not a bad album actually but it suffers of its classicism. Also the lyrics in Russian even if it doesn't sound bad at all, don't help a lot the listener and at the end I think that this release will finish its life in the forgotten lands. If you don't mind Russian lyrics and like Heavy Metal, though, it's not so bad…

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Written by Jeff | 07.09.2005


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