Eat Your Make-Up - First Dinner review

Band: Eat Your Make-Up
Album: First Dinner
Release date: 2005

01. First Dinner
02. The Sixteenth
03. Holy Bats
04. Fanatical Fog
05. Vegan Hyena
06. I Was The Murderer
07. Dust In The Cathedral
08. Neither Sane Nor Insane
09. Amar Ni Xov
10. A stone's Throws From Nowhere
11. What Have You In My Pocket
12. Night Plague
13. Lullaby

Eat Your Make-Up, damn what a curious band to review, especially for a Metal Webzine like Metalstorm. Between punk, gothic, death and noise the French combo is for sure a really original band when you see the trend nowadays… But let's be honest, this kind of album is only for the aficionados of the style and if you don't like such music, run away please!!!

This is probably something for the nostalgic of the 80's, and I will be honest with you, even if I don't hate this music, I don't find a lot in interest in such album. Between The Cure, Christian Death and all those famous combos with in addition some touches of energetic guitars the music of Eat Your Make-Up is at the end really basic. In two words? Well just imagine a dark punk-rock with some simple riffs, humm it's the "Batcave" sound after all… Flag the singer is however a good artist, because he perfectly knows how to sings with this specific really high and "winning" voice that fits perfectly with this kind of music. Not also that the artworks and layout are simply excellent and fit perfectly with the world of the band.

I can deny it, the songs are not so bad in general but I have the feeling that we've heard it all before and I wonder why Eat Your Make-Up couldn't add some craziness, and then some originality, to their music? The result could be a lot more interesting in my opinion and Eat Your Make-Up could become a real original band and not only a basic newcomer. On the other hand, I'm sure that the nostalgic of this musical period or the ones who love and still listen to this kind of music will love the French band. Actually, when it comes to talk about such bands, it's just a matter of taste…

As you can understand I'm not really into the music of Eat Your Make-Up, but I'm quite sure that the ones who like such bands will love Eat Your Make-Up but I fear that it won't be the case of a basic Metalhead. My final word, this album is probably great for the fans, but unfortunately uninteresting for the others…

Written by Jeff | 15.09.2005


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