To/Die/For - Epilogue review


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Band: To/Die/For
Album: Epilogue
Release date: 2001

01. Crimson Twins
02. Vale Of Tears
03. Hollow Heart
04. Veiled
05. The Unknown
06. Frail Without You
07. In Solitude
08. Chains
09. Immortal Love
10. Garden Of Stones
11. Epilogue (Hidden Track)
12. Victim Of Love [Japanese bonus]
13. Passion Rules The Game [Scorpions cover] [Russian bonus]

This album should have a special label - something like "Warning! For real gothic metal fans only!". Because every other metalhead will immediately begin comparing it to Sentenced and HIM. Well, they actually have a lot in common, but it may be due to the fact that all of them come from the same country and play the same kind of music, in the best finnish traditions - atmospheric, melancholic and sometimes even depressive.

To/Die/For's second album came out not as heavy as their debut, "All Eternity", but it's much better produced and filled with some "cool" special effects. Overall, it's a lot more experimental, which is especially noticable on the hidden track - amazing mix of new wave synths and heavy guitar riffs in the chorus. The album is produced by To/Die/For's drummer, Tonmi Lillman and he has really done a great job - Epilogue's sound is just perfect in every aspect! I also want to mention that Tanya from Lullacry provided backing vocals here - her voice is a very nice addition to the album's melancholic atmosphere.

Written by Ivan | 18.09.2003



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29.12.2008 - 07:48
Umm i think that this album have a two great and unforgetting songs: hollow heart and immortal love; the album is very good but the other songs dont surprise maybe the band affiance the style...
29.10.2009 - 00:31
Account deleted
One of my favorite metal albums from years back.. The vocalist has very personal voice, and the music itself has clear distinct style (sort of softer & more synth driven) that separates it from Sentenced & other similar artists... All in all the album is filled with stylish and catchy material. It's easy to get hooked on this one.

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