U.D.O. - Mission N°X review


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Band: U.D.O.
Album: Mission N°X
Release date: September 2005

01. Mission N°X
02. 24/7
03. Mean Streets
04. Primecrime On Primetime
05. Eye Of The Eagle
06. Shell Shock Fever
07. Stone Hard
08. Breaking Down The Border
09. Cry Soldier Cry
10. Way Of Life
11. Mad For Crazy
12. Rebellion [Japanese edition bonus]

The other day I was reviewing "24/7" the "promotional" EP of the new album of Mr Udo Dirkschneider with U.D.O., not really surprising this CD was even actually a bit scary because except "24/7" and a song that's not featured on the album, all the rest was only boring or terrible. Unfortunately, the nine others new songs won't save this album…

The big problem of "Mission N° X" is its linearity. First evidently a linear album, that's not a good thing but when in addition 10 songs on 11 are bad or average, damn it cannot work. Actually, except "24/7" which is a really decent song of Heavy Metal, all the rest is classic, so easy and above all so boring that it was a real mission for me to listen to this album.

When you look at it seriously, the majority of the songs of the album are nothing more than average, but in addition we have two real monstrosities, the infamous "Mean Streets" with its talky "hip hop" chorus and "Cry Soldier Cry" a pathetic ballad that seems to be only here because: this is a must to have a ballad in a Heavy Metal album.

This is sad, because when I have a look on the return of Udo with Accept for this really big European tour during the summer 2005, I'm sure that the best is still possible. A good example is this song "24/7" catchy as hell, with a good riff and a melody that deserves to be in the list of the good Heavy Metal songs but the others tracks even if they're not the worst ever are uncolored and really deceiving (and I hope that I don't have to talk about "Cry Soldier Cry" and "Mean Streets" one more time).

I want to believe that the career of Udo is not over but please if he wants to release some new albums, at least I hope that he will understand soon that his name can't save the quality of his releases every time. "Mission N° X" is boring as hell and except if your are an addict I don't see why you should buy this album. "Thunderball" wasn't a good album, "Mission N° X" is not better. A real deception…

Written by Jeff | 27.09.2005



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12.02.2012 - 22:44
Account deleted
I listened to this just out of curiosity. A "4" for UDO?! Sadly I agree to most of the things said in the review, this was pretty bad.
08.07.2014 - 00:08
Black Knight
Pretty bad indeed, but 'Cry Soilder Cry' for me saves this album. The song might not be amazing, musical wise, but it manages to crawl into your hearts a message about the hardships of war. The ending part of this song for me is just beautiful.
12.04.2019 - 12:10
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Jan Francoise You should never get up ballad songs and there are 2 of them what saves the day
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