A Lower Deep - Trinity review


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Band: A Lower Deep
Album: Trinity
Release date: 2005

01. Ascent Of The Fallen
02. A Grief Observed
03. Sisyphus Resigned
04. Gods And Monsters
05. Lost In Eden
06. Out Of The Darkness
07. Mind's Eye View
08. My Enemy's Enemy
09. Numinous
10. The Power Of Why

To talk about the music of the American combo A Lower Deep I can't in my opinion avoid two names, Nevermore and Iced Earth. "Trinity" the 2nd album of the band is without doing any plagiarism a perfect mix between the musics of these two legendary American bands. I wrote in 2004 the review of their first album "Parable Of The Thorn" which was already damn promising but this time I have a confirmation, A Lower Deep is a great band.

Powerful as hell, with, as always with A Lower Deep, some "progressive" touches a la Nevermore "Trinity" is a catchy album of Power Metal a la "American sauce". Just imagine, (it's possible and we have the proof here) to have the powerful guitars riffs of an Iced Earth mixed with the tortured progressive sound of a Nevermore and you can understand how is the new album of A Lower Deep. Also, and even if the voice of Billy Mullican can sound a bit surprising at the first listening, we can't deny that we have a good singer with a really original voice. This kind of "details" are at the end really important because I suppose that you understand that A Lower Deep is an original band and don't try to follow a trend. They play a really personal music a lot more mature on "Trinity"

"Parable Of The Thorn" was already really promising but I remember that the CD suffered of a really average production. This time, even if it's still not perfect, this is radically different. The production is better and it will be hard to be disturbed by the recording. One more time, I don't have to talk a lot about the excellent cover by Dan Harding which only prove that we're in front of a band who know the words "good taste".

This is a confirmation for me, and I hope that this band will finally find a good and honourable label because they deserve to have a good distribution all over the world, especially in Europe where a lot of Metalheads, bored by our traditional Power Metal, seek this kind of music. One of the best newcomers of the year 2005.

Written by Jeff | 27.09.2005


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