Velula - Demo review


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Band: Velula
Album: Demo
Release date: 2005

01. Caminamos Por Saturno
02. Crater Cerebral
03. Ojos De La Transparencia
04. Lluvia Psicofónica De Miel
05. Lejos De Mirar El Tiempo
06. Tierra

Maybe that this album is a good one… or a bad one, but I will be honest I don't know, I cannot know. The production is so horrible that it is quite impossible to review this "Demo". But I will try to listen to it in deep and do my best to see if we can find something good in this CD. Ho and above we will prey to have a better production next time.

Actually it seems that the music on this CD is not so bad. Velula is an original band that plays an atmospheric, psychedelic and theatrical Metal. The songs are tortured with spoken vocals and a lot of change of rhythm. The songs are "weird" and unconventional but it's a good thing in my opinion. It's maybe a bit messy but I'm quite sure that with time it could be really good, but unfortunately the recording doesn't help the songs…

About the production, I hope that the band didn't chose to have such sound because in that case I don't know how they will find anything good on their road one day. I mean that the sound of the guitar is so horrible that it is impossible to know if it is a real guitar or something played by a machine and this is the same thing with the drums for example. This is a demo yes sure and I can understand that a band doesn't have the money to have a good production, however some bands know how to produce something with a good sound even without any money (it's not so hard to mix your album on a computer with some basic software) and I hope that Velula will understand it when the time to produce a new demo will come.

Too bad, this album is not uninteresting, the band plays something really original that could pay for their future if they only want to wait to record their future album with some good technical means. The world of Metal is not so nice, and if you don't want to stay into the underground world, you must do some efforts. Let's give a chance to Velula then, but this demo is not a must unfortunately.

Written by Jeff | 15.10.2005


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