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Band: Abime
Album: Échos De Gloire
Release date: August 2005

01. Intro
02. End Of hope, Begin Of The Conquest
03. Renaissance Des Abysses
04. Death For The Slave
05. Constellation Du sens
06. Ode A La haine
07. L' Appel Du Sang
08. Outro

Abime is a new French combo that plays Black Metal. Like a good number of French acts nowadays they chose to play a really classic and minimalist Black Metal in the vein of their older that are Burzum or Darkthrone. This is not bad… but don't expect anything new with this "Echos De Gloire"…

I don't know what to say actually, this album is not unpleasant but also it's not so catchy for me. I mean that it is a classic old school Black Metal album without anything really new in it. Everything is synonym of cliché from the horrible recording that is probably the wish of the band, to the cover… It's not a horrible album of Black Metal, the lyrics for example are well written and the compositions aren't uninteresting but there is no originality in this album and it's hard for me to really enjoy such release. I mean that we heard it all before if you see what I mean and I don't see any real interest to produce such release expect maybe for some die hard fans of the style who want some "renewal" of the true old school black metal.

As you can already understand this is an album for some really targeted people, the one who are not bored by this kind of Black Metal. I don't think that Black Metal without any symphonic stuff or really melodic choruses is dead or don't have to be released, we have some good examples, especially in France, of bands who know how to play such music with their own touches and personality and I would like that some bands like Abime follow this way instead of only do simple "copy" of cult Black Metal bands.

It's good to have some personality in his own music, Abime should think about it. At the end I know that some people will probably like "Echos De Gloire" I say it again this is not a bad album but I hope that Abime if they only want to survive, will know how to add something more on their next releases.

Written by Jeff | 18.10.2005


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Abime's sole full-length plays a style of black metal that is utter worship of the second wave, with everything that includes lo-fi production, an intro that features an organ with howling winds overlapped in the background, and a front man doing his best Varg impersonation. Échos de gloire is reminiscent of early Darkthrone or Burzum in that the riffs seemed to be ripped from the outtakes of the outtakes of Transylvanian Hunger or Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, with dissonant tremolo melodies up the wazoo. However, the quality of these riffs contains only a fraction of the magic of what makes me love those two albums as passionately as I do. In fact, many of the tracks on this album repeat themselves to the point of boredom.

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