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Cobra - Demo I review

Band: Cobra
Album: Demo I
Release date: 2005

01. Rockmetal
02. Blessed By Beer

To be honest when I saw the cover of this CD, I said to myself, "What the hell is that? The last release of Rael?". And I'm quite sure that this cover that could directly comes from the intriguing world of an unknown sect will surprise a lot of you too but actually don't worry Cobra is not a new guru but a really engaged French band that only likes provocation, and if you like the good old punk of the 70's 80's (and if you understand French) this album will be a must for you.

Musically speaking, "Les Ponts Des Extrêmes" is a mix of Punk, Hardcore and even Heavy Metal especially when you know that we have guitars solos on some songs. It's maybe a bit basic in general but evidently we're not in front of a band that wants to play something technical, at the opposite I only think that Cobra wanted to release something effective, and if it was their wish, the goal is scored.

Actually the strong point of this album comes from the lyrics. Hyper engaged, the texts of Cobra prove that the band knows how to use sarcastic lyrics with however some good touches of 2nd degree and humour. The caricature of the rebellious tattooed Metalhead on "La Peur" for example is really funny (and damn right…), same with "Fils Du Cobra", a really good melodic song in the pure "Maiden" spirit, cynical as hell toward the Satanism trend. On the other hand some others songs are a bit more serious like "La Vallée Des Fils D'Eros" with its delicate topic about some "problems" with some priests.

The aggressive voice of the singer is good and perfect for this kind of music and actually I really like this album, but to be honest this is only something for French people. I mean that if you don't understand French, you'll lost all the interest of the album, sad but true…

If you were a fan of the great French Punk bands of the 70's, 80's you cannot miss this album that is the perfect link between their music and metal. The lyrics are intelligent and it's good to have the luck to listen to this kind release with interesting topic instead of stories about Knights and Kings… But remember you must understand French to enjoy this album…

Written by Jeff | 20.10.2005



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