Asguard - Dreamslave review


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Band: Asguard
Album: Dreamslave
Release date: 2005

01. Act I: There Is No Time For Inaction
02. Under The Silent Moon
03. Dreamslave
04. Masquerade
05. Act II: In The World Of Violence And Lies
06. Master Of Everything
07. Supremacy Over The World
08. The Main Art Of Mortal
09. Slave Forever
10. Act III: Time Of Eternal Dream
11. Crash Of Hope
12. Last Day Of The Real Existence.
13. Eternal Dream
14. Act IV: Infinite Road To Hell
15. Dark Veil Of Dreams
16. Where Once The Moon Rose

2-Hit wonder from Belarus

Is nice when you receive an album and you notice how much the band/record label has worked on it. It first notices when you see a nice cover art, followed by excellent overall inlay and design. First impression counts a lot in the world of music, that's for sure.

And if I was to give my opinion on the first impression upon receiving Asguard third album "Dreamslave" I would say it was love at first sight, the whole design and graphic concept is quite well executed and I'm sure it will attract a lot of buyers.

The presentation could be formidable, and the music? In the end, is the thing that counts, you don' buy a Cd for a bunch of pretty figures, you buy it because you enjoy or you're going to enjoy the music on it. If your musical tastes dwell somewhere between Black Metal and Death Metal, stay a little while with me, the rest of you not particularly fond of this sub-genres, may leave the room.

The best way to classify this band is putting them in a spot between Death and Black Metal, with a little more orientation towards Black Metal. I must admit by the second spin I wasn't too excited about this album, average musical with no memorable highpoints, fine overall musicianship and some good ideas here and there, but that was it.

I began diggin' a little deep further and I find myself listening two songs over and over again, "Eternal Dream" and "Dark Veil Of Dreams" both songs have solid, almost Thrashy riffing, awesome keyboards and memorable moments (just what I was looking for).

After I found those 2 jewels I listened the album all over again, but sadly I didn't find any other song that appealed me as much as those two. That doesn't mean that the album is bad, is just too average and uninventive at parts, these guys are for sure talented musicians and they did their best, but I guess it wasn't enough to impress me, tough luck.

Although failed to impress me, you might want to give it a try if you like Melodic Black Metal with symphonic elements and some Death Metal thrown into the mix, who knows you might end loving this.

Written by Undercraft | 14.11.2005


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