Pillory - No Lifeguard At The Gene Pool review


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Band: Pillory
Album: No Lifeguard At The Gene Pool
Release date: July 2005

01. Glandular
02. Somewhere Between
03. The Morning Grind
04. Welflare Gun
05. Irritated As A Hangnail In A Fingerfuck
06. Nipples To Napalm
07. No Room For Retards
08. Siren
09. Dust

"No Lifeguard…" is one of the most shocking and brutal releases this year; I really have to highlight the versatility showed in the music laying in this CD, we can hear the most violent tunes mixed in a magnificent way with catchy and melodious structures.

Pillory is a brand new band from Boston; they play Brutal Death Metal with Grind and Hardcore overtones in a really astonishing and interesting way. This is their first Full Length album, and to be honest it's quite impressive for a debut release actually, the music flows awesomely in each track showing great songwriting and fascinating structures. There's an actual musical progression in this album; it starts brutally and fiercely with the track "Glandular", then the following songs are equally atrocious but not as chaotic as the first one, every single track is actually a little better than the previous, which leads you to a great closure with the song called "Dust" (this last song has more Hardcore approaches than any other tune in this album)

The album features dual vocalizations, which is actually good in some cases, but there are some songs that devastate the High-Pitched vocals and then the product sounds like sludge or something of the sort. The instrumentation is excellent, "No Room For Retards" is the best example; this 7th track shows a great execution, the songwriting experiments with the paces a lot, the band adds many irregular twists in this song (with their respective bridges and breakdowns) and the final result is in fact more than amazing.

Most of the tracks have a great sound surrounding them, not to mention the melodious interludes (check "Irritated as a Hangnail in a Fingerfuck" at 1:51, you'll be impressed for sure) and the original (even deep) lyrical content (just read "Siren"); so this album has many great moments…and just one turn-off by the way, the outro of "The Morning Grind" is somehow annoying (we hear the vocalist doing pig squeals), but the song per-se is really decent, so putting those squeals aside that track is just as good as the other songs.

So anyway, if you are a follower of bands like Cephalic Carnage, Brutal Truth and similar stuff you'll love this CD no doubt. "No Lifeguard…" will blow your brains out the minute you push play; Pillory is a really promising band, so don't miss the opportunity of getting this album.

Best Tracks: "Irritated as a Hangnail in a Fingerfuck", "No Room For Retards", "Siren", "Dust"

Written by Herzebeth | 26.11.2005


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