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Machina - Dark Age Digital review

Band: Machina
Album: Dark Age Digital
Release date: 2005

01. A Light In The Dark
02. Against The Time
03. Absence Of Light
04. War Is Alive
05. Machinery
06. The Menace

The band name is Machina, the album name is Dark Age Digital, the artwork shows a cold, blue, high tech design, yet the music is by no mean leaning towards industrial or other synthetical music.
In fact, the band plays a sort of melodic metal metal, with some touches of power metal (the songs Against The Time and The Menace) and others of what we may call a radio feel. We could refer to that as the "suomi" influence in metal.

You may already have noticed that the six songs included in Dark Age Digital are quite short given the total length of the album: only 20 minutes. The shortest song is the opener (2:46) and the longest is War Is Alive (3:54). This implies that the tracks aren't very developped and basically adopt the traditional formula of verses and choruses. Yet, the good thing is that it prevents the album from being boring.
And that's exactly what happens: The songs are definitely catchy and the melodies will probably stay for a time in your mind, especially the choruses. The musicians aren't showing off, they play an entertaining music without being pretentious so that you'll find yourself having a good time while listening to Dark Age Digital.

However, better not expect something new, something original with this CD... Don't expect a lot of variety as the only real difference between the songs is whether they're a bit fast (hence, the power metal touch I wrote about earlier) or a bit slow (the song Absence Of Light is not far from being a ballad).
Machina have found their own style, but this style could probably be streched to include real ballads (using acoustic guitars for example) and riff-driven songs.
Oh, I mustn't forget: Don't expect something shocking! I can't really understand why there's this Parental Advisory - Explicit Content sign on the back of the CD... Funny detail!

Written by wrathchild | 01.12.2005


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