Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Satyriasis, Somewhere Between Equilibrium And Nihilism [Split] review


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Band: Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
Album: Satyriasis, Somewhere Between Equilibrium And Nihilism [Split]
Release date: 2005

01. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Feat. Spiritual Front - Your Sex Is The Scar
02. Spiritual Front - Song For The Old Man
03. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Hell Is Where The Heart Is - The Gospel Of Tomas
04. Spiritual Front - Autopsy Of A Love
05. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Three Is An Orgy, Four Is Forever
06. Spiritual Front - Border
07. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Dreaming Of My Scarlet Woman
08. Spiritual Front Feat. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - The Pleasure Of Pain

During 2005 an artistic allegiance between Italy's Spiritual Front and Sweden's cult act concerning the neo-folk scene, generally speaking, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, came to life and along with it mystic tunes of poetry and beauty came to life.

All the beauty of the earth and the sky harmonize so beautifully together in the nostalgic soundscapes of "Satyriasis, Somewhere Between Equilibrium and Nihilism" and truly, this album lies somewhere between serene equilibrium, atmospherically speaking, and melancholic nihilism, when the time comes to talk about its emotional world. The overall feeling of the album is utterly poetic, filled with symbolisms and allured thoughts, having mostly a serene touch, but also its more intense moments as well.

The acoustic guitar chords adorn the album through its whole duration and lend to it a fragile and soothing feeling. The drumming has either a soft-sounding approach, playing an accompanying rhythm-keeping role, or lends its more marching tempo to the compositions, with some more imposing passages that evoke emotions of intense nostalgia. The drums' role is typical for the neo-folk scene if I may say, nothing affected but definitely suitable for Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio/Spiritual Front's work and since it is being interpreted in the most appropriate and unerring way we have nothing more to say but positive words about it.

The piano pieces are affected and beautifully pacing with the melancholy of the compositions, unfolding their heart-rending melodies in the air like a siren's song. The orchestrations that are present in the overall atmosphere, lying in the background, but always being vivid, evoke an atmosphere drowning in tranquility and mysticism, enriching the album with their inspired melodies. And the moment comes to refer to the vocal interpretations of the album. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the vocals are almost reciting through the whole duration of "Satyriasis, Somewhere Between Equilibrium and Nihilism", yet, they give you the infinite impression as if there would be no other type of vocals to fit best such a monumental piece of Art. The vocalists pour themselves wholeheartedly to the esoteric lyrics whether they simply recite or interpret in a more singing way, evoking a deeply emotional atmosphere.

The album consists of 8 compositions, so are the arrows of chaos, and while listening to it you drown in the mystic beauty of "Three Is An Orgy, Four Is Forever", "Autopsy Of A Love", "Hell Is Where The Heart Is" and "Border", the intensity of "Your Sex Is The Scar", "Song For The Old Man" and "The Pleasure Of Pain" and, last and above all, the doleful beauty of "Dreaming Of My Scarlet Woman" that will adorn your lonely nights and tear-filled eyes with visions of your beloved one.

One of the most complete releases of 2005 for the neo-folk scene, don't miss it for you will be missing a chance to enter the infinite world of emotions, dreams and melancholy, somewhere between equilibrium and nihilism…


Written on 09.12.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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