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Band: Internal Suffering
Album: Choronzonic Force Domination
Release date: November 2004

01. Choronzonic Force Domination - I Am The Power 333 Of The Tenth Aethyr!
02. Orbiting Chaosphere - Primal Chaos Manifestation
03. Summon The Gods Of Chaos - Projected Into The Abyss
04. Legion - We, as One…Domnation
05. Baphomet Invocation - Ancient Gods Return
06. Across The Tenth Aethyr - Transcending Into The Outerworlds
07. Dragon's Rising - Macrocosmic Guardian Of The Threshold
08. Dispersion And Darkness 333 - In The Outermost Abyss It Dwells
09. Enter The Gate Of Death - …Into The Darkly Shinning World

No matter what anybody thinks, this album really fucking rocks, Choronzonic Force Domination sounds like a bunch of Lovecraftian monsters doing Brutal Death Metal in a catchy way. You all have to know that this CD was created for metalheads into brutal and extreme stuff, so if you're one of those weird "Strawberry red is my favorite color for a teddy bear" metal dudes, you just won't understand this piece and you'll bash it no doubt.

From the beginning to the end this CD creates chaos and brutality no strings attached, the best part comes when the catchy interludes appear crushing the destructive atmosphere and everything settles down generating a whole new feeling towards the tune. The structures in Choronzonic… are quite simple actually, the song starts brutal as hell then catchy riffs appear along with small guitar solos and that's it. So as you can see the structures are not the impressive part, this time is the music per-se what overwhelmed me the most, songs like Baphomet Invocation or Enter The Gate Of Death actually make you want to give a few more spins to the album believe me.

The music, as I already said, has more things to offer than just Brutal riffs, the musical execution has at least one remarkable bit in each track, the bridges and breakdowns are great examples, maybe this band lacks of great arrangements, but they surely compensate by adding perfect amount of twists in every track, those breakdowns manage to change the direction of the track over and over again and the main vein always remains present; it's quite admirable when a Brutal Death Metal band does that kind of stuff actually.

Internal Suffering has proved itself to be a promising band, ever since Chaotic Matrix in fact, now this album was even recorded in Manna Studios by Eric Rutan, I mean can you ask for more? I don't think so.

Final Verdict: Great piece with great music and crappy artwork, suitable only for everyone who's not a "damn it ma, I peed on my pants again, geez!" dude.

Best Tracks: "Across The Tenth Aethyr", "Dagon's Rising", "Enter The Gate Of Death"

Written by Herzebeth | 10.12.2005


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Internal Suffering, yes that's what I have right now, I suffer internally while listening when this quartet slaughters their poor instruments, I really pity them… the instruments of course.
Anyway, I know that South America is a poor continent and that many musicians play Metal just to revolt against their very poor governments, but why, WHY! Did someone have to record the stuff and then release it here?

published 01.01.2005 | Comments (7)

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