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Blutengel - Demon Kiss review


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Band: Blutengel
Album: Demon Kiss
Release date: 2004

Demon Kiss (Disc I)
01. Angels Of The Dark
02. Forever
03. Silent Tears (For You)
04. In The Distance
05. Solitary Angel
06. Love Killer
07. Senseless Life
08. Navigator
09. Stay
10. Ice Angel
11. Go To Hell?
12. Resurrection
13. Frozen Heart
14. In My Dreams
15. Verzweiflung

Fire (Disc II)
01. Demon Kiss
02. Second Chance
03. Falscher Stolz
04. Ohne Dich
05. Kingdom

Ice (Disc III)
01. Intro (Konzertintro 2003)
02. Mistress Of The Club
03. Forever (Schizophrenia Remix by Buried Alive)
04. Die With You (Akustik)
05. Multimedia Track: Vampire Romance Part 1

I never thought that Blutengel would release a great album after the personal small disappointment of "Angeldust", but, hopefully, I was wrong. Combining the aggression of "Child of Glass", the lyricism of "Seelenschmerz" and the dark romanticism of "Angeldust", but also adding new elements to their sound, they take their sound some steps further with their gothic/EBM opera named "Demon Kiss", which is, in my opinion, probably their best album so far. It has no weak moments and it flows wonderfully as one without boring the listener, it sounds more affected and various, romantic and melancholic, yet, so dark and vampiric. Chris Pohl and his dark mistresses return stronger than ever, ready to make the next step to the throne of the EBM scene with 15 songs of absolute greatness.

The sequencer's effects, the beat, whether it is imposing and groovy or soft and rhythmic, the wonderful keyboard melodies and the painfully sweet-sounding piano pieces, along with the deeply emotional, vampire-oriented or thoughtful lyrics, perform the absolute Blutengel manifest. Chris Pohl's "cold", imposing, yet so expressive and utterly emotional, voice harmonizes beautifully with Constance Rudert, who experiments more with her vocals exploring new fields of expression, and Eva Poelzing's ethereal passionate voices evoking a banquet of emotions.

In one hand songs like "Angels of the Dark", "Forever", "Solitary Angel", "In the Distance", "Lovekiller", "Navigator" and "Go to Hell?" will keep on filling the dance-floors, with their intense and dynamic danceable rhythm and inspired melodies, for a long time, leading the EBM tribe to an infinite dance.

On the other hand compositions like "Silent Tears (For You)", "Senseless Life", "Stay", "Ice Angel", "Ressurection", "Frozen Heart", "In my Dreams" and "Verzweiflug" will lead you through esoteric and utterly emotional soundscapes to imaginary dreamscapes with their fragile keyboard melodies and heart-rending piano pieces.

"Demon Kiss" was released in 3 editions : The LP edition including only the album, the digi-pack Limited Edition 1 including the album and the 5-track mini-cd "Fire" and the box-set Limited Edition 2 (limited to 2000 copies) containing the album, the 5-track mini-cds "Fire" and "Ice" and a big-size 24-page booklet including lyrics and pictures of the band.

The "Fire" mini-cd contains "Demon Kiss", an obscure instrumental composition, the danceable, fabulous and lyrically thoughtful "Second Chance", the groovy "Falsher Stolz", the imposingly depressive "Ohne Dich" and the groovy and danceable, but also emotionally charged, "Kingdom".

The "Ice" mini-cd contains the "Intro" of their concerts during 2003, "Mistress of the Club" which is a good groovy song, a really interesting "schizophrenia remix" of "Forever" by Buried Alive, the dreamy and full of emotions acoustic version of the masterpiece "Die with You" and the interesting video clip of "Vampire Romance Part I".

Needless to say that "Demon Kiss" is a must-have album for all the gothic/vampire aesthetic adorers, an aesthetic expressed through synth-born melodies and danceable beat, from one of the most fabulous EBM bands around.

"In my dreams you hold me tight, in my dreams you're always nearů"


Written on 10.12.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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16.04.2009 - 17:16
Liver Failure
Beautiful album. I didn't know Blutengel had a profile here on MS.

This work is simply an exellent piece of music, all songs are beutifully composed and peformed.

Solitary Angel, Stay and Frozen Heart the best songs.

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/

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