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Band: Blutengel
Album: The Oxidising Angel
Release date: 2005

01. The Oxidising Angel
02. Cry Little Sister
03. Burning Heaven
04. A Little Love
05. Leave The Day
06. Angels Of The Dark (remixed by Lost Area)
07. Falling (remixed by Angelus Mortus)
08. Navigator feat. Sara Noxx (remixed by Noxx - Rilinger)
09. The Oxidising Angel (remixed by Control System)
10. Leave The Day [crystal tears remix version]
11. The Oxidising Angel [single edit version]
12. Change The Future

Bonus: The Oxidising Angel (Video Clip)

Blutengel, after a brilliant album, "Demon Kiss", and a successful tour which was mirrored on the "Live Lines" DVD, decided to offer to their fans an EP to feed the lust of their audience while they will be preparing their next effort. The name of the EP is "The Oxidising Angel" and this is exactly what i said above, a release for their fans and only, not for someone that would like to listen to the band for the first time because he would be unable to form a complete opinion about what the band stands for with their music.

The EP consists of some new compositions of which prevails for sure the new dance-floor hit "The Oxidising Angel", a lyrical and danceable piece of beautiful and touching music that will haunt the listener (especially the video clip which is quite artistic and romantic in its overall dark aesthetic - it becomes really kitsch though when Sonja appears dancing). "Burning Heaven" and "Leave The Day" are two really good and inspired danceable compositions with beautiful piano/keyboard melodies and stunning female and male vocals lines and "A Little Love" is a fragile and melancholic piece filled with intense emotions, something that Blutengel really know how to achieve. Well, sadly, i cannot say the same thing about "Cry Little sister" which i found quite average and childish for a Blutengel composition.

Blutengel with the aforementioned compositions (except for "Cry Little Sister" of course) show that with every release they make their sound more mature and affected, showing that they are mastering more and more the electronic sound, enriching it as always with a dark/romantic/vampiric aesthetic. What is easily noticeable as well is that with every album they offer to the world their appearance and overall stylistic approach becomes more theatric and... different, something vivid this time in the booklet, the video clip and the quite artistic and dramatic cover of the album. The rest of the album is filled with remixes by other bands/persons and the most interesting ones are "Angels Of The Dark", "Navigator" (from both of which i prefer the original versions of course) and "Falling" which is a killer song in my opinion!

The album if you don't know the band, when the time comes to compare it to their full-length releases, gets a 6.5-7, but if you are a fan of the band and you know their sound etc "The Oxidising Angel" receives a 7.5-8 and thus i will give it a 7.3 generally. A good release, but it is mainly for the fans of Blutengel.

"I will hold you when you fall…"


Written on 25.12.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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16.04.2009 - 17:16
Liver Failure
Looks decent. I'll check out anyway.

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