Ocean Of Sorrow - Mistery Of Winter review


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Band: Ocean Of Sorrow
Album: Mistery Of Winter
Release date: July 2005

01. Intro In G# Minor
02. Autumn River
03. Embraced
04. Ocean Of Sorrow
05. Mystery Of Winter
06. Without God

Ocean Of Sorrow is a new Doom/Death band from Russia. Like Intaglio they're also signed on Solitude Production, a really cool Russian label specialized in Doom Metal. This album, "Mistery Of Winter" is their first one and if I cannot deny that there are some really nice things on this release, it's obvious that there are also some little problems but in general it's a good promising first album.

The album is solid, the songs are well done and the general dark ambiances are nice for a first release. There are only six songs but they're not linear and yes it's not a bad doom Metal at the end. The songs are well structured but it's however really classic. Let say that a Doom Metal fan will probably enjoy this release but I'm not sure that he will find something new in the release. But we have some female vocals sometime and at least it gives something more to the music…

However there are also some problems. First the two singers (the male like the female) are a bit average sometime. They're not bad but it's obvious that they're singing on their first album of the band and it will probably better with some more time and experience. Also, the production and above all the sound of the guitars are not so good. Actually I hate this kind of really bad recording and effect that give the feeling that the guitars aren't real instruments and that it is actually a machine that produce this sound. It's not the worst recording ever but it sounds so mechanic that it is hard for me to love the music (I'm talking about it sonorities here)… too bad…

This band and their first album aren't bad however I hope that they will have the luck to have some better means of recording and by god please put me some real overdrive on those guitars. If it's possible then the next album will be something a lot more efficient but just have a look on this first release, it deserves a try…

Written by Jeff | 27.12.2005


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