Mötley Crüe - Dr. Feelgood review


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Band: Mötley Crüe
Album: Dr. Feelgood
Release date: 1989

01. T. N. T. (Terror 'N Tinseltown)
02. Dr. Feelgood
03. Slice Of Your Pie
04. Rattlesnake Shake
05. Kickstart My Heart
06. Without You
07. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
08. Sticky Sweet
09. She Goes Down
10. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
11. Time For Change
12. Dr. Feelgood [demo] [bonus]
13. Without You [demo] [bonus]
14. Kickstart My Heart [demo] [bonus]
15. Get It For Free [bonus]
16. Time For Change [demo] [bonus]

You know, when you already have 4 succesful releases it's difficult to keep it up for the fifth time in a row. Well, Motley Crue managed to keep it up in the most appropriate way, offering to the glam world another masterpiece after the fabulous "Girls Girls Girls", the renowned "Dr. Feelgood".

Allow me to say that the album has the ideal title since there's not a single moment to feel down while listening to it. It's inspired, glam, sleazy, dirty, upbeat and rolls all the way, what else could you ask for? You add a slight touch of a western/saloon oriented kitch aesthetic (take for example "Slice Of Your Pie") and a bit of emotion and you get the whole picture of a world where only rock n' roll exists, one way or another.

This time Motley Crue managed to have their best production up to date, everything seems well-placed in the final mix and every instrument can be heard clearly having the ideal sound. The guitar work is fabulous for one more time. Mick Mars is offering some of his best dirty guitar riffing with his riffs floating in the air like ethereal and fiery female silhouettes dancing to the groove of Motley Crue. I will talk about the solos right now and despite the fact that it seems needless i'll say it once again, they are so damn awesome, well-executed and they pace with the feeling of the song the moment they enter! The drumming this time has its most bombastic approach and it makes you wonder, is it Tommy Lee or a builder playing the drums? Great drumming sound, giving that utterly imposing feeling the music of Motley Crue deserves, and a great interpretation by Tommy Lee for one more time, probably his best so far in the course of the Motleys! The bass lines are good and Nikki Sixx, except for a wonderful song-writer, keeps the pulse of the band alive with his pulsating bass guitar! Vince Neil was, is and will always be one of the best voices of the hair metal scene and in this album he shines, he pours his soul to the sleazy lyrics for one more time with another exceptional and ultra dirty interpretation!

From the very first seconds of "Dr. Feelgood" the listener starts losing himself in a world of everlasting party, entranced by the bombastic drumming and the dirty guitars that roll all the way. "He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood, he's the one that makes ya feel alright" sings Vince Neil in full intensity and you feel like singing along, becoming a part of this hard rock world! Many other great songs follow, the groovy and danceable "Rattlesnake Shake" and "Same Ol' Situation", one of the best compositions of Motley Crue and one of the most upbeat and uplifting songs of the glam metal scene, "Kickstart My Heart", and the more emotional "Without You" and "Time For A change".

Soon the glam scene would die and Motley Crue would drown in decadence for a decade's time, but what they achieved was to end the 80s in the most ideal way with another masterpiece in a row.


Written on 05.01.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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Hermann Langke
Mötley Crüe is one of the most or perhaps the most notorious band in the history of rock n' roll. When it comes to sex, drugs and rock n' roll Mötley Crüe are way up there in the premier league. They didn't so much write the book on archetypal bad-boy behaviour (or much less even read it!). What they did was chainsawing it in half and torching it with napalm. In their time they nearly did it all: marrying Playboy centrefolds, nearly killing themselves and those around them, and allegedly taking every kind of narcotics known to man. They are the gods of that self-destruct rockstar lifestyle and lived it throughout the 80's and into the 90's. Dr. Feelgood was the high point in the CV of this highly volatile band and was the manifestation and embodiment of all that hedonism and decadence that characterized the 80's.

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14.12.2008 - 09:56
Account deleted
This album has 2 great songs ("dr. feelgood" and "kickstart my heart") the rest is garbage in my opinion. the crue's first 2 albums are fantastic.....after that came a lot of filler with one or 2 songs that really kicked. "without you" is embarrassing and the lyrics are sappy.

"time for change" might be the most condescending song of all time.

their ballads used to work well ("on with the show" and "danger") and so did their sleazy numbers ("10 seconds to love")......now they are just tired and formulaic.....guess they are too busy prepping their female backup singers for the next sold out arena tour.

in my personal opinion this is the most overrated hard rock / pop metal album ever.
19.10.2009 - 08:27
I have to agree with the comment above. Dr. Feelgood and Kickstart My Heart are both surprisingly solid tracks, but otherwise everything else on the album, and, I suppose, everything regarding Motley Crue in general, sucks.

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