Crest Fallen - Lose My Mind review


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Band: Crest Fallen
Album: Lose My Mind
Release date: 2005

01. I Lose My Mind
02. Obliterate
03. Spawns Of Society
04. Confined

Nowadays, it's always a bit scary to have to do the review of a new Melodic Death Metal band. Evidently, they're legions, it's trendy as hell to do such music and then the originality is more than missing now. Let's be honest, I was a bit afraid to have to do this review but all the bands deserve a try and a chance don't you think?

And luckily for the guys of Crest Fallen, they release a Demo extremely interesting and surprising but I suppose that you want to know why I'm saying that. Actually and even if they play Melodic Death metal they avoid all the clichés of the genre. The four songs of the release are strong as hell, really melodic yes but the Thrash influences are omnipresent (just have a look on the solo of "Spawns Of Society") so at the end it's not something that sounds really commercial, at the opposite.

There are only four songs for 22 minutes of music and it's not really easy in general to talk about a demo but I see a lot of good things for the future of Crest Fallen. The fours songs are potential hits, they're well structured and well written and even if we all listen to a lot Melodic Death nowadays, it's not boring to listen to "Lose My Mind" so I have the feeling that this band, if they follow this direction, will be able to do something in the world of Metal.

With a good production, sound like layouts, with a bunch of talented musicians who are able to plays some great soli, like riffs and rhythms, "Lose My Mind" is a good surprise for me and I hope that the band will show me later that I wasn't wrong. All is not perfect, the "clean" vocals are a bit average sometime for example but at least, it sounds more professional than a lot of cheesy bands that are already signed…

Keep this way to do this dark and Thrashy Melodic Death, keep this great inspiration and I'm quite sure that we will see them at the top of the list. Don't be fooled, Crest Fallen play Melodic Death but believe that I was waiting this kind of new release since a lot of time. Super promising…

Written by Jeff | 07.01.2006



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29.01.2010 - 01:17
Maybe my favorite Cypriot release
give praise for the blood it bled,
grant a rose for the dead...

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