Tears - Falling Certainly review

Band: Tears
Album: Falling Certainly
Release date: 2005

01. Things Imaginary
02. Self Destruction Part I
03. Self Destruction Part II
04. Self Destruction Part III
05. Time Master
06. A Beginning After Each End

Tears is a new combo from Greece. The compositor, Yannis Matagos is a really good young guitarist who is now, if I'm not wrong, a guitar instructor in England. But whatever even if they're in England it doesn't mean that they let their inspirations in Greece and they come this year with a first promising Demo "Falling Certainly…". "Falling Certainly…" is a surprising melancholic Progressive Metal and I'm quite sure that we will have the luck to hear about them in a near future.

Between Dream Theater and Anathema, "Falling Certainly…" is a really good surprise for me. Actually and if you wanna understand how it can sound, you'll have to imagine something really sad with a lot of beautiful Piano melodies and acoustic guitars in addition however of a basic Progressive structure. Yes, you'll find guitars soli, but also keyboards and the different rhythms and melodies of the six tracks are complex but not "elitist", it's easy to listen to this demo.

So ok sometime it can sound a bit Pop, like on the excellent "Things Imaginary" but some others songs like "Time Master" will probably please the fans of Progressive Metal a la Dream Theater, yes this release is varied. On the other hand the accent of the singer is a bit strong but his voice is really amazing so at the end it's not really disturbing. The production is also ok and I can say at the end that we're in front of a promising combo.

I don't know how the future of Tears will be. You had the luck like me to listen a song of the new upcoming CD on the January 2006 Metal Storm sampler and it seems to be a bit different. Though, I'm actually sure of one thing, the guys of the band are good and they're able to produce something more than original so pray with me and wish them a lot of luck to find a well-deserved deal with a good label. The Metal scene lacks of this kind of original bands so have a look on this demo you'll probably have a nice surprise.

Written by Jeff | 09.01.2006


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