Hanoi Rocks - Another Hostile Takeover review


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Band: Hanoi Rocks
Album: Another Hostile Takeover
Release date: 2005

01. Intro
02. Back In Yer Face
03. Insert I
04. Hurt
05. The Devil In You
06. Love
07. Talk To The Hand
08. Eternal Optimist
09. Insert II
10. No Compromise, No Regrets
11. Reggae Rocker
12. You Make The Earth Move
13. Insert III
14. Better High
15. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
16. Insert IV
17. Center Of My Universe

Whatever someone may say about say about Hanoi Rocks and Michael Monroe, the artistic persona behind this Finnish glam/hard rock colossus, will never be enough. One of the most influecial and most unique acts of the 80s for sure, with a various sound and more complex song structure characterized by Monroe's unique voice and artistic concerns. I still wonder where would Axl Rose would be back in the 80s Michael Monroe had not influenced him, "dead, jail or rock n' roll", you choose, but definitely not the last one.

After a more than successful and utterly legendary course in the 80s, with monumental albums like "Self Destruction Blues", "Back To Mystery City", "Bangkok Shocks Saigon Shakes Hanoi Rocks" etc, they returned during the 00s with "Twelve Shots On The Rocks" (2003). Two years after this release they managed to return stronger than ever with a really mature album, "Another Hostile Takeover". What someone may notice is the fresh and modern air of the album due to its really good production that makes the compositions sound better and makes the ideas of the band come forth in the most appropriate way and sound. What is really remarkable though is that despite the fact its sound has a nowadays' air due to its production it doesn't fail to bring in the present the glorious days of the 80s and, believe me, "Another Hostile Takeover" can hold the glam scene on its own at the moment, it seems that no other releases are needed for now since past and present came together in the most fabulous way.

You'll find everything pouring from the core of "Another Hostile Takeover" and of course I'm talking about variety, inspiration, quality of ideas and instrumentation, glam/dirty/sleazy mood, pure emotions, bluesy passages and an intense rock n' roll attitude. The guitar work is just fabulous, whether it relies on on-tempo guitar riffing, melodic passages or exploding beautiful-sounding solos, never failing to enchant the listener with its heavier or melodic side. The rhythm section lends its pulse and groove to the compositions in the most ideal way, sounding unerring and well-executed for sure. The use of the piano/keyboards is genius, enriching the soundscape with beautiful sounds whenever they make their appearance and in combination with the saxophone etc the overall outcome is something extraordinary and truly affected. Do i need to talk about the grandeur of Michael Monroe's vocal interpretation? I'll just state that whether he sounds dirty, emotional, sensational or rocks all the way he sounds so vivid and stunning that i am at loss for words and i'll leave it to him to prove you how wonderful he is through his vocal lines on "Another Hostile Takeover"!

The dynamite "Back In Yer Face", the bluesy "The Devil In You", the New York Dolls oriented and inspired "Love", the dirty and upbeat "Talk To The Hand", the gentle "Hurt" with that fabulous melodic and tender guitar work that caresses the listener's heart so masterfully, the touching and at the same time rolling "You Make The Earth Move", "Better High", "Eternal Optimist" and "Dear Miss Lonely Hearts", the deeply emotional, utterly inspired and personal favorite "No Compromise, No Regrets" or the sensational "Centre Of My Universe" will make you wanna roll or feel intense emotions!

The ultimate glam/hard rock release of the latest years from one of the scene's finest and most unique acts!


Written on 09.01.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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18.04.2007 - 17:12
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I totally agree with DerRoz on this, this album is surely one of Hanoi Rocks' best efforts, totally surprised me, to say the least.

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