Fahrenheit - Uncharted Dreams review

Band: Fahrenheit
Album: Uncharted Dreams
Website: http://www.fahrenheitportal.com
Release date: August 2005

01. Dark Storm
02. Sands
03. The Sea
04. Evermore
05. Empty Mirror
06. Distant Sun
07. Alone
08. The War I Wage
09. Escarlata

Power Metal from Mexico

Yeah, yeah I remember now, I did a review on the Demo of this band, it was called "Epic Enter" and I recall I liked it very much (it was a couple of years ago and I was very into Power Metal). Now I don't listen Power Metal that often, and as a matter of hand, this is the first Power Metal album I've heard in the year.

First thing I notice is that the full-length includes 3 songs from their previous Demo, luckily enough, the 3 songs are the best ones in the Demo, and although they have been recorded, the production still sounds a bit opaque, but nevertheless, the overall sound has improved a lot.

The band plays Power Metal with some Progressive touches here and there, good thing they don't overdo the Progressive part, since is a common flaw among Power Metal bands.
The album sounds cohesive, the keyboards and the guitars complement quite well, the vocals, while still annoy me at times are more bearable than before.

Basically you get catchy, easy-listening Power Metal, with killer songs like the after mentioned Demo-era tracks "Dark Storm" and "The War I Rage", among the new songs worth mentioning is "Sands" and "Escarlata", which is sung entirely in Spanish.
The only downpoint of the album is that doesn't stray too far from their Demo, and I was expecting something different, but if you liked the Demo, I guess progression isn't always a good thing after all. Maybe not the essential Power Metal release of the year, but is worth listening. Catchy, easy and groovy, I bet this will appeal many fans of the genre.

Written by Undercraft | 12.01.2006


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