Scars - The Nether Hell review


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Band: Scars
Album: The Nether Hell
Release date: 2006

01. Creatures That Come Alive In The Dark
02. Warfare
03. Nether Hell
04. Legions (Forgotten By The Gods)
05. Return To The Killing Ground
06. Hidden Roots Of Evil

I have to be honest with you all, this is the first time I hear this name ever; too bad because Scars it's actually a very good band with well elaborated Thrash Metal, very raw though, but good none the less (I'll explain more in the next paragraph). The Nether Hell is their second EP, which also marks their come back to the metal scene, and a great return it is, the music surrounding this EP is one of the strongest forms of Thrash I've heard nowadays.

As I already said, this CD is rather raw, Scars focused more in being as Old School as they could, and then the band left the freshness and originality aside. They did a great job though, so I can't complain about "originality" because what they did they did it in a marvelous way, the musical capabilities and the songwriting are the best highlights in The Nether Hell believe me. In fact the only thing that bothered me was the vocal work, it's a little weak when comparing it with the musical power, those shrieks have low attitude and in the end every vocalization drowns into the aggressiveness of the music, leaving nothing but a fragile scream.

All in all, the EP has great music, Nether Hell is one of the best Thrash songs I've heard from 2005, the riffs are really catchy, the solos are intricate, the musical arrangements are impressive and the drumming is in a word astonishing; what I loved the most from this third track were the breakdowns applied here and there, every change and every bridge comes with a little but amazing breakdown (or a pause), that feature surprised me actually. Another amazing feature is the incredible layout, I've reviewed many EP's but this is the first time I see this format with such a great design; I mean there's even a poster in the booklet, isn't that great?

I recommend this release to every Thrash Metal fan out there, the music you'll hear will shock the crap out of you, just don't mind the vocals for a little while and you'll get used to them actually. Te truth is, leaving the vocals aside, this EP is worthy for many reasons for example the incredible music, the layout, the songwriting, the solos, etc. even the lyrics are interesting to read.

Final Verdict: Great (almost perfect) music, really bad vocals.

Best Tracks: "Nether Hell", "Return To The Killing Ground", "Legions (Forgotten By The Gods)"

Written by Herzebeth | 20.01.2006


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