Lucifugum - The Supreme Art Of Genocide review


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Band: Lucifugum
Album: The Supreme Art Of Genocide
Release date: December 2005

01. Поперечье их начала
02. Линчевание жизни
03. Триумф плоти
04. Маскарад скорби
05. Преломление света
06. На смерть

The only information I knew about Lucifugum before I received the promo of their new album, "The Supreme Art Of Genocide", was that they are a black metal band, so don't expect me to compare it to their previous releases since I don't have any clue about how they were in quality, sound etc.

I searched for some information after I listened to their latest effort and I noticed that they are quite a productive band if I may say, with 10 full-length albums and an EP in a period of 8-9 years and a few demos in the 1995(the year the band was formed)-1997 era. They come from Ukraine, a country with a really wonderful underground black metal scene with acts like Drudkh, Astrofaes, Nokturnal Mortum, Hate Forest etc so I wasn't really surprised that I found Lucifugum very interesting and actually really good!

What someone can easily notice when "The Supreme Art Of Genocide" starts echoing is that Stabaath and Khlyst really know how to offer well-executed and inspired black that won't bore the listener showing with pride that they aren't one of the many mediocre bands of the scene. What is also remarkable is the fact that the misanthropic and sinister atmosphere of Lucifugum on "The Supreme Art Of Genocide" is being evoked only by the basic instruments, which means no keyboards, and this is the moment when the masks fall, when you're able to play sinister black with the basic instruments.

The production is good generally and the fact that the guitars have that noisy sound adds a lot to the eerie and ravenous atmosphere of the album! I really liked the fact that the noisy sound of the razorblade guitar riffing paces in such a wonderful way with the rasping and raw vocals that conceal all tranquility. The drumming is unerring and paces with the tempo of the compositions, which means it's raging, high quality and powerful storming the gates of Heaven, whereas the bass lines are not so vivid, but we're talking about underground black metal so it won't make any sense to you whether you notice or not the sound of this specific instrument since it's disappearance is a "plague" in the underground black metal scene.

The album flows definitely as one, after all it consists only of six compositions, so I won't pick some highlights since I don't want to ruin the (black) magic of the moment while letting the album flow like a river of sinister and poisonous emotions.

In my opinion this is an album that traditional black metal fans will enjoy, give it a try!


Written on 09.02.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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