Silent Voices - Building Up The Apathy review


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Band: Silent Voices
Album: Building Up The Apathy
Release date: 2006

01. World's End
02. Distorted
03. Once Lost Life
04. Blood Of Eden
05. Corridors
06. Hollowed
07. The Realm Of Flames
08. Into The Flow

If you don't know Silent Voices, you will have to know that it is also the band of Henrik Klingenberg, the keyboardist of Sonata Arctica. But here, don't expect Finish Power Metal (it's good to have a break right?) because Silent Voices is a pure Progressive combo, and even if I just discovered them through their last and new album "Building Up The Apathy", I have to admit that we're in front of a really good music so if you like Prog, don't miss this review ok?

The music of Silent Voices is extremely interesting. In fact, they use to play a nice but dark Progressive Metal that I can compare with a Dream Theater (especially in reason of the numerous keyboards lines) period "Metropolis II". The songs are sometime melancholic some other time a bit more aggressive and fast but it's always varied. It's technical but extremely catchy and it's not a pseudo-intellectual prog, the musicians give their maximum but at the end I never had the feeling that it was "too much", it's just super effective. So yes, it's not something that we can find easily every day so it probably worth a listening, believe me, no doubt it's a really good Prog.

However, maybe that I would like to see the band with one other singer. Not that Michael Henneken is a bad one but he is a bit irregular sometime and well it's probably a matter of taste or something like that, but sometime I don't like his vocals. Well don't be scared however, this is evidently ok but well it's possible to find better singers in the scene in my opinion and his is not the strong point of the band.

Badly, it's really hard to find Progressive Metal bands that come from Finland, God knows why but well Silent Voices is here and they show that they're able to do something really good that will probably pleased all the fans of the genre. If you're still doubtful, just have a look on "Building Up The Apathy" and you'll probably agree with me at the end to say that this album is a nice surprise of the beginning of the year 2006.

Written by Jeff | 10.02.2006


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