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Abaddon Incarnate - Dark Crusade review


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Band: Abaddon Incarnate
Album: Dark Crusade
Release date: 2004

01. Centerfold Redemption
02. Dead Again
03. A Kandarian Odyssey
04. Carrion Caresses
05. Self Portrait Of Hatred
06. 1756
07. Terminate By Battery
08. Embrace The Vicious
09. Meat
10. Philosophy Of The Elite
11. Entrusted With Disgust
12. Now Below
13. He Sells Agony
14. Eternal Solitude Forbidden
15. Global Bastardisation
16. Hour Of The Dog

Oh, Dark Crusade
By Undercraft

This album was released almost 2 years ago
But finally is time to give a try, so let's go
Death Grindcore is what you get
From this record, Dark Crusade

Abaddon Incarnate makes me headbang
But then I'm just too tired to go gangbang
Songs are short and aggressive
Their lyrics are dumb, but expressive

The cover art features some mummies
But I bet they're just a bunch of dummies
features 16 songs in only half an hour
this record is ideal to sing under the shower

They sure handle those riffs with accuracy
And that's ok, I wasn't expecting any delicacy
The production and the sound is another highpoint
The work of Miesko Talarczyk will never disappoint

So, if you got some time to spare
Listen to this record, but beware
Don't ever put this record in a holiday resort
Or you'll end up locked up in juvenile court

To all fans of Grindcore, this one goes recommended
By me, your humble servant
And if anyone of you felt offended
Write me an e-mail, my inbox must be already abundant

Written by Undercraft | 18.02.2006



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24.05.2011 - 10:04
Whoa how did you come up with this poetry....!! good talent i have to say... and yeah a mediocre grindcore and nice/unique review
24.12.2012 - 02:52
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Ah old reviews here are the best
Checkout my band here!

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