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Sage - In Vain review


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Band: Sage
Album: In Vain
Release date: 2006

01. Manifest Destiny
02. Graves
03. Backbone
04. Out Of Body
05. In Vain

Sage is a new super combo that comes from Chicago, USA. Like a lot of newcomers nowadays, their singer is a girl, but don't be fooled, Sage is not a new Nightwish or something trendy, at the opposite the band play a super heavy 'US' Power Metal, something powerful like with Nevermore but with evidently a super female singer. No doubt that we will hear about this band soon…

Sage is a real good surprise for me because in general and unfortunately nowadays when you hear that a new band has a female singer in its line-up, it's not a good sign. I'm not misogynic here believe me I love women in Metal but it's just trendy to have a female singer and it's easy to win a good record deal only because of this point. But where is the originality? They all produce the same average copycat music so sorry but it's a bit boring at the end. But it's not the case of Sage, first they don't play something symphonic, Sage plays Power/Thrash Metal, and not something that uses the typical 'European Power' sound but the good old 'American' one. Understand that it is powerful, catchy, heavy and strong. The riffs are powerful and thrashy and the different soli of the excellent guitarist Mike Walsh are really impressive.

Sage isn't a clone of something else, because except Amaran (RIP) I don't know a lot of bands that play this kind of music. Between Power, Melodic Death (without the Death vocals of course), Thrash and Progressive music (just listen to "Graves" with its really particular riffs and melodies and you'll understand) Sage is really original. Plus, Tracey, the singer has a really original voice, strong and heavy and not so high for a girl, she has a real "rock" voice and it's really cool believe me. No doubt she is a great singer and we will hear some good words about her in the future, you'll see…

The only bad point of this demo comes from the production. I don't talk here of the artwork or the super press-book that I got with the CD, but of the sound that is a bit average unfortunately. On the other hand, Mike, the guitarist, said to me the other day that they will do a new recording that will sound a lot better so it's not a big deal at the end.

"In Vain" is a super Demo, I believe in this band and let me tell you that I will be there to follow their career and to support them. They have a super potential and I'm sure (and ready to bet some cans) that this band will be able to do something good in the metal scene. So if you like strong Metal, if you like female singers who rock, don't miss this EP (that you can buy for nothing on their website btw). A classy Demo produced by a really promising band.

Written by Jeff | 19.02.2006


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