Wall Of Sleep - Sun Faced Apostles review


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Band: Wall Of Sleep
Album: Sun Faced Apostles
Release date: 2005

01. On Pain Of Birth
02. Sun Faced Apostles
03. Labyrinths
04. Ship Of Stake
05. Time Of The Goblins
06. The River
07. From The Bottom Of These Days
08. Mother Sand & Father Stone

I've got to hear more of this…

So, I was wondering, why I don't listen more Stoner/Traditional Doom Metal? While I'm not so fan of older stuff in Metal, I enjoy the groovy riffs of Stoner Metal once in a while, so I decided to pick this one up, since is quite hyped in the web.

All enters through the eyes first, and damn I was impressed with the gorgeous cover art that Wall Of Sleep came up with, in this, their sophomore effort. The booklet and inlay design is quite professional, little piece of art this "Sun Faced Apostles".

So, I sit back, push play and "On Pain Of Birth" begins, massive heavy, groovy riffing takes a hold of my head, which is now nodding alongside the music, this is good. Really good. Vocals are awesome and the production is crystal clear, I wish I could draw a better image in your heads, but I don't know to compare this band since I'm just a newcomer in Stoner Metal, but I definitively sense Black Sabbath influences (duh!) and some Cathedral as well.

Title song rocks my world as well, a little bit slower this time, but alas, with the same effectiveness of the previous track. As I continue my journey through the Cd, I found another groove-fest on track 5, "Time Of The Goblins", splendid song, great riffing, great soloing, truly captured my heart, but soon my heart stopped beating when the last song pounded over my soul "Mother Sand & Mother Stone" is the slowest song, and the perfect conclusion, sluggish and lethargic.

I got to hear more Stoner/Doom Metal like this, because this was a hell of a ride! A ride I recommend to all wanting to hear a fine album from these Doomsters.

Written by Undercraft | 22.02.2006


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