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Band: Victory
Album: Fuel To The Fire
Release date: January 2006

01. Standing Like A Rock
02. Don't Tell No Lies
03. Take The Pace
04. Running Scared
05. Temples Of Gold
06. Rock The Neighbours
07. I Felt It Coming
08. Backseat Rider
09. Rock 'N' Roll Kids
10. Rebel Ready
11. On The Loose
12. Check's In The Mail
13. So They Run

Apparently, it's really hard nowadays to find the old albums of the Hard Rock German legend Victory. The band wanted to re-release their albums but they never had the luck to do it (you know how labels can be sometime…) and they decided to re-record their favorite songs (let say their classics) on a new release (a compilation actually), "Fuel To The Fire". If you want to discover this band or just want to have the luck to listen to some of their great songs with a good new recording, please have a look on this CD.

So as you can understand this album is a compilation of the best songs of the band but as you already know, the songs were all re-recorded with a different line-up. The singer for example is not Charlie Huhn but Jioti Parcharidis of Human Fortress and he is not bad at all evidently but some of you will probably regret that Charlie isn't on this release. On the other hand, Herman Frank (also in Accept) and Tommy Newton are there so you can already count on a perfect realization with perfect riffs and soli.

"Fuel To The Fire" is a compilation so I won't talk a lot about the music of Victory, however you must know that the band plays a strong classic melodic Hard Rock with a lot of super soli, and above all great melodies. Even if the sound is better on this compilation due to the re-recording there is always the 80's spirit and it's good. No doubt the guys did something nice with this album.

At the end, if you want to have the luck to listen to the classics of the band, "Fuel To The Fire" is a must, same if you already know them and want some good new versions. It's not a must to buy "Fuel To The Fire" but this is a really good release, if you like Hard Rock, so have a look on it and maybe that you'll fall in love with one of the German Hard Rock killer.

Written by Jeff | 25.02.2006


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Fueling the Nostalgia

Rejoice Old-Schoolers! The joys of traditional Metal are here! A revamped collection of songs from the classic German band Victory is here, all handled by a new vocalist, Jioti Parcharidis of Human Fortress fame.

"Fuel To The Fire" contains songs from each album of the prolific career of the German combo, the new vocalist does a terrific job handling the vox duties, he has a powerful, cheese-free timbre, which does wonders for the overall sound of the band. Is not really that hard to imagine how does this band sounds, classic Heavy Metal with Hard Rock injections all over the place.

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08.03.2009 - 22:26
This album is really, really bad. The originals are so much better and I am usually not the guy helplessly caught in the past. Victory would do well to finally release an album with fresh material written to fit Jioti Parcharidis vocals and leave the Fernando Garcia-era songs to live performance and memory.

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