Sanguis - Infernum Infinitum review


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Band: Sanguis
Album: Infernum Infinitum
Release date: 2004

01. Intro - Chaos Unleashed
02. Nemesis (The Last Chapter Of Hope)
03. My Heart Is Ice
04. Fire Of Catharsis
05. The Serpent Kiss
06. Ode an den Schmerz
07. Fear My Vengeance
08. Edifying Agony

Austria's rising black metal force Sanguis, after the sold-out "Mortal Art Of Blood" demo and their debut album "Chaosgate Guardians", returned during 2004 with their second effort bearing the name "Infernum Infinitum".

What someone may notice while listening to Sanguis is that they are not your average black metal band around, they are definitely something more, not something ground-shaking that will lead the scene to innovative paths but an act that really knows how to offer well-conceived and well-executed black metal with a touch of melody in it.

A band that seems to have influenced Sanguis has to be early Dark Funeral, an influence that is vivid in the atmosphere that comes forth, the structure of the songs and the successful marriage of aggression and melody. Yet I wouldn't dare to say that they are a complete copy band, because they aren't, at least I think so. The compositions are a bit lengthy, most of them ranging from 5:30 to 6:30, but Sanguis know what they are doing, the changes in the songs are enough to make them sound interesting through their whole duration without boring the listener and keeping his interest to high levels. What is worth-mentioning is the fact that this nocturnal and dreary atmosphere is being evoked only by the sound of the guitars and the hellish vocal interpretation, though some FX make their appearance from time to time.

The guitar riffing has that renowned bittersweet railway structure and endless riffs come straight out of Hell burning the shrouds. Apparently, Sanguis did an impressive work on the guitars showing that they really know how to give birth to guitar passages filled with inspiration and nocturnal beauty (just listen to "Fire Of Catharsis" and you'll get what I mean, impressive work and beautiful ideas here and there). A nice addition has to be the use of a few acoustic passages that make the whole atmosphere more serene, evoking a "calm before the storm" feeling. I won't refer to the bass guitar because I was unable to notice its pressence (well, underground black metal has that problem in general), but the drumming does a superb work; raging, powerful, imposing, all at once, lending the appropriate groove to the songs. As for the vocals they are sinister and unearthly, the eerie howls of the interpreter are very expressive and whenever they turn to really deep and demonic grunts all hell breaks loose escalating the bestial charge of the songs!

I was impressed by the effort of Sanguis, I think they can offer more to the scene so I am looking forward to something new from them since they have been silent for some time now. Those who enjoy black metal with a more melodic approach they should definitely give a chance to Sanguis.

Highlights: "Fire Of Catharsis", "Edifying Agony", "Nemesis (The Last Chapter Of Hope)"


Written on 28.02.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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09.07.2009 - 23:41
Outstanding album in the vein of swedish BM!
Panta Rei

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