Wallrus - The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky review

Band: Wallrus
Album: The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky
Release date: 2006

01. No Mistake
02. Blue Tales
03. The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky
04. Stray White Iron Jim
05. Slow River
06. Plastic Corrective
07. Moanin' At Midnight
08. Little Johnnie Doe
09. Mean Shit
10. In My Pocket
11. Charlaine

I'm beginning to totally dig this genre; before Freebird Records started sending me their releases Stoner was "Queens Of The Stone Age" for me and that was it, I'm glad now I actually know really good bands playing Stoner incredibly well, for example Wallrus.

The Wind Blows… it's one of the most powerful debuts I've heard since Withered released Memento Mori but that's another story; I really liked this album in almost every way possible, the first and most important is the marvelous execution, these Dutch guys really know what they are doing, they take their weapons and then blast any kind of shooting matter into your brain over and over again, in the end you'll be feeling numb and a little dizzy, that's fucking great if you ask me. Another amazing thing is the overall instrumentation, Stoner/Groove played with a Harmonica? That's really awesome indeed, and then you can hear the Ice-L-Horns (a brass ensemble with Marion Van Kapel, Gert Van Kapel, etc.) playing marvelously.

As I already said this CD is really powerful, but not violent; every riff and drum beat sounds really strong but Wallrus manages to create an intimidating atmosphere without being slightly hostile or aggressive; the super catchy riffs wrap the music throughout the entire album, and everyone loves catchy beats if I'm not mistaken, then they add a couple of guitar solos which will amaze a lot of people who think Stoner or Groove is not an original or complex genre. So you know more o less what to expect in the musical department, a really melodic, mid-paced release with very good vocalizations, impressive instrumentation and flawless execution.

The thing I disliked was the layout…which is inexistent by the way; the CD comes in a jewel box without booklet, the line-up is printed in the inner back-cover and that's it, nothing more nothing less. Though that fact is not really important, I personally like to read the lyrics or to see some pictures while listening to the album. So don't worry, the album will suit incredibly well in your collection if you are into this kind of genres, the music is really interesting believe me.

Best Tracks: "The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky", "Moanin' At Midnight", "Charlaine"

Written by Herzebeth | 02.03.2006


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