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Band: Pale Divine
Album: Thunder Perfect Mind
Release date: 2001

01. Amplified
02. Magic Potion
03. Judas Wheel
04. Pale Divine
05. Gods, Monsters And Men
06. Dream Flower
07. Star Child
08. Devil's Mark
09. 20 Buck Spin [Pentagram cover]
10. Dark Knight
11. Amplified [live] [Re-issue bonus]
12. Pale Divine [live] [Re-issue bonus]

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Time for a little retrospective on Stoner Metal today. 2001 marked the release of the first full-Length by Pale Divine, Stoner Metal band hailing from the States.
Doom/Stoner Metal is a genre that always has stayed underground, although the "inventors" of the genre are quite famous (these are Black Sabbath of course). While the music is not as melancholic as modern-day Doom Metal, it has a dark, dim presence mixed with 70's elements which add groove to the music, thus creating a dark, groovy form of music.

Pale Divine are no exception, their music is based on the groovy, mid paced riffing and sporadically placed jamming sections (which we'll analyze later on).
The band takes direct influences from bands such as Black Sabbath, Cathedral and Pentagram. As a matter of fact, the singer of the latter, Bobby Liebling co-wrote "Dark Knight" with the band, while the band pays homage to Pentagram covering "20 Buck Spin".

The whole album is quite a trip, the band takes you on a musical journey filled with various elements from 70's Psychedelia to the roots of Doom Metal, from groovy passages to dark, brooding sections. In many songs you'll find long instrumental sections, which we're used to get in Progressive stuff, but this feels totally different, because sounds like some friends jamming together in a garage, truly unique and real.

This is a release from 2001, but it was re-issued by PsycheDoomelic Records in 2005 with a couple of bonus tracks. All lovers of Stoner Doom Metal take note, this is an essential album for your collection, and for everyone starting In this genre, this is a good album to understand what's Stoner-Doom Metal all about.

Written by Undercraft | 02.03.2006



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25.08.2009 - 17:19
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
I don't understand why people keep on referring to this as stoner metal. This is clearly traditional doom metal. Calling this stoner is like calling Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Saint Vitus, old Trouble stoner, and there is nothing stoner about them.
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