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Misery Index - Misery Index/Commit Suicide review


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Band: Misery Index
Album: Misery Index/Commit Suicide
Release date: 2002

Misery Index
01. My Untold Apocalypse
02. Alive?
03. Reality Distortion [Disrupt cover]

Commit Suicide
04. In All This Revelation
05. With Not Distaste
06. Open Casket [Death cover]

Most of you, I'm sure, know about Misery Index; this band is a raw example of what Grindcore used to sound in the "punky" days, a really good band if you dig the genre for sure. This is the first time I hear Commit Suicide and this is one of those feelings when you say "fuck why didn't I hear this band earlier?"; this band grabs most of Grindcore's most hostile and chaotic elements and blends them with Death Metal riffing, that sounds cool right? Not the most original thing ever but believe me, these guys made it sound really good…now wouldn't you love to hear both bands in one album? Ok, maybe not, but damn I know you'll change your mind once you hear this split.

The Split starts with Misery Index, this segment is way more chaotic than the second one, these American guys are all about graving tons of aggressive chords and play them really fucking fast. This part of the CD it's kind of unoriginal and a little plain, though the second song has incredible bass-lines and the Disrupt cover is freaking flawless; that's something you'll get with this band, awesome execution, every instrument is played with meticulous precision which makes the overall music to sound tight and interesting indeed.

Then we have Commit Suicide, the difference is quite noticeable, the riffs are better structured and the tempo is mid-paced at times. The vocals are kind of similar to Misery Index, a raspy shriek which adds the "hardcore" element to the music (though this guy also adds Death Metal growls in the songs). I liked more this part of the split, it's more powerful and way more complex; the structures have a brutal sound wrapping them and that is just thrilling, even the bass-lines have those "Brutal Death Metal" breakdowns and twists we all love, and the cover they made is fucking perfect Death - Open Casket.

What we have here is a great example of what Grindcore and Death Metal can do when fused together; the CD as a whole is really chilling and entertaining. I can't remember the last time I heard a split this potent; this CD was released in 2002 via Willowtip Records, but the edition I've got is the one by Earache Records, I guess it's the same thing in the end but whatever, I just wanted to highlight that fact. This split CD will fucking make you feel numb after you finish listening to it, so I can easily recommend this piece to every Grindcore fanatic who is willing to hear powerful Death/Grind/Hardcore notes.

Written by Herzebeth | 06.03.2006


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