Pure Inc - A New Day's Dawn review


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Band: Pure Inc
Album: A New Day's Dawn
Release date: 2006

01. Saviour
02. Break Free
03. Blvd Jam
04. I'm A Rolling Stone
05. Burst
06. Skinflint
07. I'll Let You Know
08. The Thing You Left On Me
09. Sick As I am
10. Where's Your God
11. Crawling
12. New Day Dawns

Like Shakra, Gotthard or Krokus, Pure Inc. comes from Switzerland and plays Hard Rock however, they're really different because Pure Inc. sounds new! Super melodic with some really good American accents, without forgetting the European melodic aspect, the music of Pure Inc. is like a candy. When you listen to Metal everyday, it's always good to have the luck to do some break to listen to this kind of album, plus when it's good evidently, there is no problem…

In the vein of a Black Label Society mixed with Audioslave the first album of the band was already a super surprise so we were all waiting for a good confirmation. Don't worry, "A New Day's Dawn" is not a deception, at the opposite this is a real confirmation that this band from Switzerland is better and better with time. "A New Day's Dawn" follow the style of the precedent album, super melodic with a lot of good old strong riffs, the music of Pure Inc. is really similar to the US Hard Rock with its good soli and its super singer. On the other hand, Pure Inc. comes from Europe and they have some nice Heavy melodic touches in their music too though you'll all have to remember that this band plays "rock" before eveything else so be prepared to find some "rock n roll" attitude in this CD.

Do we have a lot of problems with this album? Actually no, except that maybe some of you will find it a bit boring (honestly I don't believe that a lot of people will be concerned by this statement. In my case, after 2 or 3 listening, I was totally addicted). "A New Day's Dawn" is not a bad album, ho no, but oki it's not so new and original too, we had some similar music at the beginning of the 90's, though you must know however that the music of Pure Inc. doesn't sound old. It's the same kind of music but without any doubt with a modern sound and anyway

If you like Hard Rock, Grunge and Heavy Metal please don't miss this really nice album. "A New Day's Dawn" is for me at least, a real success and without any doubt I'm sure that we will talk about Pure Inc. now. This is a cool band, that knows how to produce cool Rock music, so try their last album, I'm quite sure that some of you will fall in love with their sound.

Written by Jeff | 09.03.2006


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