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Glenn Tipton - Baptizm Of Fire review


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Band: Glenn Tipton
Album: Baptizm Of Fire
Release date: February 1996

01. Hard Core
02. Paint It Black [Rolling Stones cover]
03. Enter The Storm
04. Fuel Me Up
05. Extinct
06. Baptizm Of Fire
07. The Healer
08. Cruise Control
09. Kill Or Be Killed
10. Voodoo Brother
11. Left For Dead
12. Himalaya [Japanese/re-release bonus]
13. New Breed [re-release bonus]

In addition of the re-release of "Edge Of The World" the American label Rhino Entertainment chose to re-release also, "Baptizm Of Fire". First and unique solo album of Judas Priest's guitarist Glenn Tipton, the history of this album is actually really interesting because it just shows how a record company can be influential. Back in 1996, Glenn Tipton recorded "Edge Of The World" an album that featured John Entwistle and Cozy Powell. This album really sounded old and the label asked to Glenn to do something a bit more modern with a bunch of young talented musicians. "Baptizm Of Fire" and its incredible line-up was bornů

When you know "Edge Of The World", it's obvious that "Baptizm Of Fire" is clearly different. The main difference comes from the heaviness of the songs. If "Edge Of The World", sounds like Pop/Rock, "Baptizm Of Fire" sounds Metal. I don't say that it is the most aggressive music that it was possible to do in 1996 but still it's a good old powerful Heavy Metal with even some thrashy riffs (like on "Kill Or Be Killed"). In fact, when you have a look on the line up, you'll see that some people like Shannon Larkin and Whitfield Crane (Ugly Kid Joe) like Rob Trujillo were guests on this recording so you can understand that the music is really influenced by US Heavy Metal. Don't expect something a la Judas Priest, this is a pure Heavy made in USA.

All in all, the principal difference between "Baptizm Of Fire" and "Edge Of The World", is the rhythm but also the power of the guitars riffs and solo. On "Baptizm Of Fire" it seems that the pressure of the label led to something that clearly sound a lot more heavy but it doesn't mean that the two albums aren't complementary in my opinion. We can clearly see the two sides of the artists, a guy who likes Rock music above all.

If you like good guitar players, if you want a bunch of good old Heavy/Hard Rock songs, please have a look on this release. I don't think that it is perfect, some songs are a bit conventional but this release isn't bad at all. It will never become a classic Heavy Metal album but "Baptizm Of Fire" is a good release with its good moments, so have a look on itů

Written by Jeff | 31.03.2006



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20.04.2007 - 17:14
Lord TJ
Its a lot different from Judas Priest but I can feel some in it guitar wise.
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20.04.2007 - 21:55
This album isn't that great. If I remember correctly, Paint it Black is a cool cover song though...
21.04.2007 - 18:25
i thought this album was a trip! very different than priest. kinda in the same sense of bruce dickinson's solo project (when compared to maiden). i would've loved to see more of his stuff. edge of the world was great too!
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