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Band: Zeraphine
Album: Blind Camera
Release date: 2005

01. I Never Want To Be Like You
02. Die Macht In Dir
03. Blind Camera I
04. I Feel Your Trace
05. Die Welt Kann Warten
06. Kaltes Herz
07. Hollow Skies
08. I'm Numb
09. Jede Wahrheit
10. Blind Camera II
11. Falscher Glanz
12. River Of You
13. When Walls Rise
14. Blind Camera III
15. Until I Finally Drown

--2 CD Limited Edition--
Bonus DVD with Interviews And Video Clips plus Extra Material (total DVD time: 45 minutes)

Zeraphine's task in the world of modern and melodic gothic rock/metal is progressing from album to album and their third work, "Blind Camera" (2005), is their most mature release up to date when it comes to the composing and interpreting part. After a very promising debut album, "Kalte Sonne", and a great second release, "Trauma World", my expectations were very high for Sven and his companions in melancholy and sorrow and thus my wishes were heard and "Blind Camera" was something wonderful as expected.

If "Trauma World" was a big step forward for the sound of Zeraphine, "Blind Camera" is the piece of work where Sven and the rest of the band master their sound with the outcome being filled with maturity, inspired, well-conceived and well-executed ideas that can't disappoint the fans of emotional gothic rock/metal with a modern approach and crystal clear production. This time the album balances, lyrically, between the English and German language, both of them sounding beautiful and poetic while being interpreted by Sven Friedrich, having though the impression that the German lyrics sound even more expressive than the English ones; it's maybe the fact that I adore Sven's German accent and way of interpreting the German lyrics but anyway.

The gothic rock riffing is always present, with the guitars ranging from acoustic and fragile passages to heavier and more upbeat ones, either lowering the emotional defences of the listener or making him feel filled with energy. The more upbeat passages have a more alternative rock approach at times, but it's not something to worry about since they are being interpreted really well, becoming a part of the band's sound, and they are not so many. Really good guitar work once again for the standards of the genre. Something that is easily noticeable is that the keyboards/synths are being used more and more by Zeraphine from album to album and they couldn't be missing since they can offer sounds/emotions that can't be evoked by other instruments, making the whole aesthetic of the band either more fragile or more intense and above all more affected without being afraid to sound more electronic at times. The rhythm section once again interprets its role in the most ideal way, with both the drumming and bass guitar being vivid. As for the vocals do I really have to say that much? It's Sven Friedrich I'm talking, one of the best gothic rock/metal voices ever, having an intense singing personality that is recognizable once you listen to him, utterly emotional, poetic and pouring always his soul into his poetic, yet more simplistic this time, lyrics.

The whole album whether it sounds more emotional or more upbeat it always has a gentle approach, overrunning the listener in the most beautiful way, leaving scars that are being caressed by a rose's petals by nightfall. It flows definitely as one, like a series of pictures coming straight from a "blind camera", so let it unfold its emotions, melodies and colors through the sounding pictures it evokes…

Don't miss one of the finest and most emotional works of the gothic rock/metal scene for 2005, lose yourself in it and you won't regret it.


Written on 05.04.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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10.09.2007 - 23:57
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Great album! I recommend it to all fans of gothic rock and alternative rock!
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