Clan Of Xymox - Breaking Point review


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Band: Clan Of Xymox
Album: Breaking Point
Release date: 2006

01. Weak In My Knees
02. Calling You Out
03. She's Dangerous
04. Eternally
05. We Never Learn
06. Be My Friend
07. Cynara
08. Pandora's Box
09. Under The Wire
10. What's Going On

The long-awaited new attempt of the legends of the dark wave scene after the really strong "Farewell" (2003) is finally reality and all of us can cherish the emotional beauty of Ronny Mournings' dreams, nightmares, desires, sorrows presented in small stories in the shape of inspired compositions. The name of it "Breaking Point" and I think that this specific album is really a "breaking point" for the band simply because it has that flawless feeling "Medusa" (1986) used to evoke to the listener, the feeling that everything that is present is present only for good and nothing more.

Ronny Mourings and Clan Of Xymox seem to offer one of their strongest releases of the last 16 years, along with "Creatures" and "Farewell". The whole album is well-conceived, well-executed, filled with a beautiful and fragile surrounding atmosphere and, above all, the aesthetic that Clan Of Xymox always had, this very special and unique feeling that is present in their compositions throughout the years. The guitar work is one of the best Clan Of Xymox ever had, gothic-rock oriented just like on "Creatures" with the one brilliant guitar idea coming right after the other or having a more accompanying slightly present role, adding another beautiful and floating sense to the compositions.

Clan Of Xymox seem to experiment with electronics more than ever before and all I can say is that the electronic touch of the album is quite successful, lending to it a more "mechanical" sense evoked through the "cold" and "lifeless" aesthetic of the electronic music. The synthesizers are used in a genius way and except for the electro-apparoch they lend to the album in some of its compositions they are always present through the whole duration of the album without forgetting to adorn it with a wailing and touching melancholic atmosphere. The drum machine is used in the most appropriate way, lending groove and pulse to the compositions, in the most ideal way, just like it has to be, and I guess none of you would expect Clan Of Xymox to have problems with the use of the drum machine in the year 2006 since they have been using it for the last 25 years! I think it's needless and pointless to talk about Mourings' vocal interpretation and lyrics, but I'll give it a try. For one more time Ronny offers a fabulous and flawless interpretation, whether he sings with his deep and "cold" accent or sounds more emotional and heart-rending, evoking emotions of solitude, utter melancholy and a feeling as if hope has perished, giving a really special meaning to the poetic and heart-felt lyrics. And this twisted crying female almost-monologue on "Pandora's Box" just leaves you so… empty…

The variety of the album is of course something really positive. You will find the more danceable electro-driven compositions that have the power to become dance-floor favorites, the more gothic rock-oriented ones with the upbeat and groovy feeling and the fragile and serene ones that will definitely make sorrow blossom in the core of the listener's soul. The album flows as one and there's no need for pointless high-light pick ups, the only thing you have to do is press the play button and drown because Clan Of Xymox albums should be embraced as whole experiences and not single parts.

Well, Clan f Xymox is a legendary act of the dark scene and "Breaking Point" is a really mature album, another one, filled with intensity, deep emotions and an atmosphere adorned with roses…


Written on 04.05.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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Although I really enjoy Clan of Xymox, I'm really surprised to find them here on metal storm...

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