Opus - Sample Aura review

Band: Opus
Album: Sample Aura
Release date: 2006

01-10. Serein
11-22. <Opus>

Do you remember Pelican? I'm quite sure that a lot of you still have this name in your head, because a lot of journalist and people did some great comments last year about their last album. [Opus] doesn't come from USA but from England, but like Pelican they play a really good Progressive "instrumental" Metal. Extremely technical with superb structures this album will probably become a must for the ones who like this kind of music.

Actually, "Sample Aura" is the mix of two EP, "Serrein" (2006) and [Opus] (2004). So you can already expect more than 52 minutes of music on this CD. But if you will have a lot of music, don't expect any vocals on this release. Opus is a pure instrumental band and if it can be disturbing and if it's impossible to avoid the question "how could it be with a singer?" on the other hand it's not really problematic to listen to their music.

[Opus] plays a beautiful Progressive music. It's in general a bit sad and melancholic but it doesn't mean that all the songs are slow or without rhythm. The principal quality of the music of [Opus] comes from the level of their musicians. They're able to mix Jazz like with Prog like post Hardcore, and this different music are, fits perfectly together. The result is an excellent Progressive music and all the ones who like Guitars, Bass and Drums will be pleased because all these different instruments are in front of the recording. Plus the different ambiances of the CD are really cool and even without any vocals it will be easy for you to "sing" the music of the band in your head. Believe me, with [Opus] you'll just understand that some young bands are able to do real music (which means that their writings are complex with a lot of real musical structures.)

Actually I don't even see a real difference of quality between the "two" parts of the CD. Even their first songs recorded in 2004 sound good in comparison of the last ones and it's a good sign of quality. The album for a self-production is well released and recorded with a really good professional booklet (simple that's right, but still really good.).

[Opus] is a great newcomer. I really recommend to the numerous guys who liked Pelican's last album to have a look on this release because you'll probably have some good surprises. No doubt that for a first try the goal is scored, and I'm sure that we will talk soon about [Opus]. This is my recommendation of the month for all the ones who like to listen to a CD in reason of the quality of its musicians.

Written by Jeff | 05.05.2006


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