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I found myself intrigued by these guys name…"Freddy Krueger's Underwear" it's kind of fun and even catchy right? You can actually expect the unexpected when you see a name like this one, I saw their biography in a website (I don't remember where though) I immediately saw the tag "The masters of Horror Metal are back…" I was fascinated to say the least; I finally received their album for reviewing purposes, man this thing is the story everyone wants to hear believe me.

You won't believe your ears dear reader, their music is a huge needle injecting metal directly into your brain; have you ever feel that "Fuck I so want to mosh right now…I don't even care if I do it with my mom and my dog…I need this fucking now" well if you haven't here's the album for you my friend. The entire album is wrapped in awesome super-catchy riffs, the best Bass-lines I've heard since 1988 or something and the most versatile vocalist since that guy in Slayer (I can even hear influences by Vince Neil man, go figure!)

The music has a cool retro feeling, I can't say from which genre though as "Sometimes They Come Back…To Mosh" has Power Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal some Death Growls, Experimental Rock and even a little of "what the hell was that" here and there. Just to be "professional" I'll say they play Thrash Metal but the true facts are written above. I found myself headbanging from the beginning to the end; this album accomplishes its main point as you can see, it's very entertaining, it's aggressive, it's violent, it has great choruses ala Glam Metal, you'll find awesome musicianship and great structures all over the place, even irregular timing and some other things I won't say (buy the album if you want to know)

About the layout and all those things; It's actually fun to see Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger in the flesh)wearing a Lacoste shirt, holding his lethal glove in one hand and a F.K.Ü album in the other one, if you're not impressed by this horror icon you'll get a really crazy F.K.Ü poster inside don't worry. The lyrics…oh man the lyrics…I almost didn't mention them what a fool I am; don't expect insightful phrases or philosophical quotes, the lyrics are all about parodies, horror movies, getting wasted and moshing a lot, you can't ask for more now can you?

This album means lots and lots of fun indeed, you won't regret when you get it believe me, I don't recommend stuff that often so don't think this twice and purchase "Sometimes They Come Back…To Mosh" immediately, this is the craziest album you can get nowadays. Enjoy the moshing and headbang till your neck snaps.

Best Tracks: Hear the entire album man…this is the best way to spend 44 minutes of your life.

Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 9


written by Herzebeth | 20.05.2006


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metal2000 - 20.05.2006 at 11:41  
so I think they are good but can you give as at least the website or sample for thier music to check and i sure that they are good
Promonex - 20.05.2006 at 12:02  
Written by metal2000 on 20.05.2006 at 11:41

so I think they are good but can you give as at least the website or sample for thier music to check and i sure that they are good

Just click on the band name and you'll find the link
Lost One - 20.05.2006 at 13:54  
Why does this kind of name and cover art remind me of utter crap like Wednesday 13 and The Murderdolls?
Deadsoulman - 20.05.2006 at 14:46  
Not bad, reminds me a lot of Exodus, especially the vocalist sounds almost exactly like Steve Souza The music is great, the lyrics are dumb. Good stuff.
Basso - 23.05.2006 at 16:12  
I cant find the website for samples, and NOTHING happens when I click the band name, please help.
__Az__ - 23.05.2006 at 18:24  
Same.... I cannot access their website or anything...
Promonex - 23.05.2006 at 18:30  
Sure you clicked on the band name right above the year? If you have, then we might have yet another bug In any case, their website is http://www.moshoholics.com/
Basso - 02.06.2006 at 15:53  
haha rofl thoose lyrics where incredible xD. Fun stuff

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