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Band: Funeral Procession
Album: Funeral Procession
Release date: May 2006

01. Heavenlie Aeons Grimlie Torne Apart
02. When Moonshine Is The Only Light
03. Beholde The Stars Fall From The Heavens
04. Bloode Of The Elder (Building The Anti-Kosmos)
05. Doom
06. The Death Empire On Burial Ground Pt. I
07. The Death Empire On Burial Ground Pt. II
08. Millennium Of Revenge/Jerusalem In Ashes

Funeral Procession hail from Germany and despite the fact that their name might prepare the listener for funeral doom or something connected to the 90s doom metal scene you shouldn't let it fool you. They move in black metal soundscapes and after some demos and an EP they managed to release their self-titled debut album leaving some strong impressions about a very promising future.

Their self-titled debut album consists of eight compositions and keeps on unleashing nightmares from the deepest pits of hell for about 43 minutes. Funeral Procession's compositions present some merciless and fierce black metal filled with ultra fast drumming, razorblade black metal riffing with inspired riffs and nocturnal screams that chant the night (Count Gothmog on the vocals offers some really expressive screams/howls that make the overall unholy atmosphere of the album more vivid) whereas the bass lines slightly make their appearance. There are times though when the tempo slows down and the atmosphere becomes more obscure, having a more "gloomy" touch, something needed, at least in my opinion, since the variety of tempos in a black metal album offers variety in general in the sound of the band. Something I'd like to mention is the presentation of the drumming in "Funeral Procession", not only it sounds unerring and paces with the band in any tempo, harmonizing with the twisted and inspired riffing, it also never fails to sound powerful and at times really imposing, adding this way a lot to the overall feeling of the album.

While listening to the album I have to admit that some small surprises, that made the aesthetic of the album more affected and varied, were waiting for me. The first one was the third track of the album, "Beholde The Stars Fall From The Heavens", a really atmospheric and nocturnal keyboard-driven piece filled with unholy atmosphere and tormented screams. The second unexpected but always welcome surprise was the ending and lengthiest composition of "Funeral Procession", "Millenium Of Revenge/Jerusalem In Ashes", with the Gregorian vocal-type oriented opening and its overall doom-oriented mid-tempo groove that slowly and steadily gets more intense and suddenly all hell breaks loose!

Funeral Procession with their self-titled debut album sound very promising and they seem that they have a lot to offer to the scene, let's hope that their course will be prosperous in the nightly fields of the black metal scene. As for now, give them a chance!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8


Written on 21.05.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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22.05.2006 - 06:10
avatar of misery
Actually, the first thing I thought of when I saw the name of this review was "funeral doom". God damn you.

...then I remembered that the doom release "Funeral Procession" was not a self-titled album but that of Consummatum Est.
29.05.2006 - 14:52
Account deleted
Quite good album. I've heard about it after the review on Myrrthronth, but then again i realised it was just the usual hype...just like darkspace or something...not that these bands are bad, no. but just too hyped.
29.05.2006 - 18:12
Southern Wind
Account deleted
EDIT: I had learned to love this album with time... really.
02.06.2006 - 11:28
Metal Scientist
I agree with Southern Wind and Ace. Very generic. But it ain't all that bad.

Overhyped is the key word again.

Good review, and a good rating (i thought a 7.2 would be good, but urs is a decent rating )
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