Tankard - The Beauty And The Beer review


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Band: Tankard
Album: The Beauty And The Beer
Release date: May 2006

01. Ice-olation
02. We Still Drink The Old Ways
03. Forsaken World
04. Rockstars no. 1
05. The Beauty And The Beast
06. Blue Rage - Black Redemption
07. Frankfurt: We Need More Beers
08. Metaltometal
09. Dirty Digger
10. Shaken Not Stirred

Finally, the kings of the beer are back with their latest release, "The Beauty And The Beer". Hehe, yes, "The Beauty And The Beer", you're not dreaming, as always Tankard is not really serious, but it's not so surprising, we all know that the German combo is the specialist of this kind of "jokes". Anyway, joke or not, they're back and as always they play really powerful Thrash Metal that all the fans of the style will probably enjoy. Be ready to Thrash till death (and please, just avoid to drink too many beers or it will become dirty at the end…).

Tankard doesn't play really technical Thrash, at the opposite they're not so far away of Punk, but good or not, nobody can't deny that it is always super effective. And it's not different on "The Beauty And The Beer", as always this is good old basic Thrash, but on the other hand it's pure and perfect, and I don't even have to talk about the amazing solos of Andy Gutjahr. The twelve songs of the album aren't really original but they ALL work with their super choruses (one of the strong point of the band) and a song like "Metaltometal" (even if the lyrics are a bit you know… well just have a look by yourself… "Metal will ever survive, Metal to Metal and guts to guts, no Country no HipHop, that's driving me nuts..") is just extremely catchy and super federator and believe me, it's hard to forget this chorus.
That's Tankard, these guys aren't serious and play music for fun and for their fans, they've never tried to change their style so all their albums are in the same category, but all the ones who like the band will find with the new album something that they like at least.

The cover is extremely funny, and the general production of the CD is really good. It's not so surprising especially when you know the quality of the musicians of the band who are still able years after years to play great Thrash Metal like if they still were some bunch of crazy young guys. So ok, the lyrics of this new album aren't really intelligent and wise but on the other the band never claimed to be serious and they never said that they would like to give some sort of lessons. It's just fun and "fuckin" Rock N Roll after all so really who cares?

"The Beauty And The Beer" is not original, but really I don't care and I'm sure that the big fan base that the band caught during its entire long career won't care too anyway. It's basic, but it's funny, catchy and well done so if you like Thrash and don't want something serious, go for this one, really you won't regret it!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 22.05.2006



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23.05.2006 - 05:40
Excellent album! 9 from a thrashfan
12.06.2006 - 05:50
Southern Wind
Account deleted
Good like always... this band will never change, and that's something I love...
05.08.2006 - 23:08
i like the album very much... tankard still kicks ass

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