Faro - Angelost review

Band: Faro
Album: Angelost
Release date: March 2006

01. Desdemona
02. Desert Moon
03. World Of Fools
04. The Forbidden Land
05. Heavenly Light
06. Strange Dreams
07. Damned Eternally
08. Where Did It Go
09. The One
10. Destination
11. Dancing In The Dark

This is the first time that I hear something about Faro, but I already heard some good things about Firewind, one of the numerous bands of Chitral Somapala the singer of Faro. This guy born in Sri-Lanka is actually one of the best singers of the Heavy Metal scene, with a powerful voice between Dio and Joe Amore of Nightmare. So if you like classy Melodic Heavy Metal, I think that you should have a look on this release and you'll be able to discover a great singer.

Musically speaking, "Angelost" isn't really surprising. Actually, it's a basic classic album of Hard Rock but at least it doesn't sound "old". With a lot of good melodies, with classic Hard Rock songs like "The Forbidden Land", bluesy ones like "Desert Moon" or even ballads (The One) this album is varied despite is lack of originality. But let me tell you that it works and that you'll probably be able to find something that will touch you in this release.

But I don't think that I can forget to talk about the performance of Chitral Somapala. Really this guys is great and he is able to produce a lot of different voice from a real "rock" hoarse one to a pure as crystal one. He is maybe not really famous yet but except if people are deaf, he will probably be famous soon. The only problem for him maybe will be that even if his performance in his different bands are great, their albums aren't essential too and it will maybe hard to get popularity. But who know good surprises can happen...

This is not the best Hard Rock album ever but I like it and every time that I play this CD on my stereo, I pass a really good moment. A "cool" and soft one maybe, but a beautiful one so if you like Hard Rock you should try "Angelost", a good release for the Hard Rock category 2006.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 30.05.2006


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