Panzer X - Steel Fist review


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Band: Panzer X
Album: Steel Fist
Release date: February 2006

01. Panzer Attack!!!
02. Steel Fist
03. Feel My X
04. In Memory...
05. Paint It Black [Rolling Stones cover]

Panzer X is a project that will probably appeal mainly to Polish metal fans, although since the band's lyrics are in English, nothing actually stops people from other countries from enjoying it. What is so special about this band is that it is made up of people who are considered 'metal gods' in Poland - most notably, Peter from Vader and Grzegorz Kupczyk, who is perhaps the most notorious and talented metal vocalist in Poland, something that he documents with his multitude of projects, including Turbo, CETI, Aion and Esqarial.

Considering members of this band generally have backgrounds in rather extreme genres of metal, it might come as a surprise to some that Panzer X is essentially a very traditionalist heavy metal band. Basically, we are dealing with the sort of thing that was especially popular in the late 80s and early 90s - a crossover of heavy, power and speed metal. All of the required ingredients are here - falsetto vocals, melodic guitars, breakneck double-bass gallops and traditional rock song structures. As a consequence, the music here sounds extremely dated and overplayed; however, I suppose this sort of nostalgia was the point here so I can't really consider it a fault of the band. To their credit, they pull off this style quite expertly. I especially like their cover of the Rolling Stones "Paint It Black", where the interplay between vocal melodies and the speedy rhythm section is quite phenomenal.

At the same time, I cant help but wonder what sort of results this dream line-up of Polish metal veterans would come up it were they not to focus on imitating the likes of Judas Priest and Blind Guardian in the early 90s. This is why overall this EP is a disappointment for me.


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08.06.2006 - 00:34
I wasn't expecting much from this to be honest... gladly my intuition was right once more time and i can surely say this is a disspointing, forgetable release.

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