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Band: ASP
Album: Werben
Release date: 2006

Disc I [Remix/Interview/New Songs Compilation]
01. Opener "Antenne Supernova"
02. Werben
03. Citytalk - Part 1
04. Beschwörung [Heimataerde remix version]
05. Citytalk - Part 2
06. Geisterjagd [Wandler remix version]
07. Citytalk - Part 3
08. Ich Komm Dich Holn
09. Citytalk - Part 4
10. Me [Kartagon + DJ Francois mix version]
11. Citytalk - Part 5
12. Werben [Seelenzorn remix version]
13. Citytalk - Rapid Fire
14. Possession
15. Closer "Antenne Supernova"
16. Varieté Obscur
17. Nachtschleife "Nach Sendeschluss"

Disc II [CD Single]
01. Schwarzes Blut [club edit version]
02. Schwarzes Blut

Disc III [12'' Vinyl]
01. Werben
02. Possession
03. Varieté Obscur
04. Lykanthropie
05. Und wir Tanzten
06. Die Ballade vom Schwarzen Schmetterling
07. Schwarz
08. Schwarzer Schmetterling
09. Ich Will Brennen

ASP can be concidered as a new name in the gothic scene, they have been around with discography since the very birth of the 00s yet they managed to become a really well-known act in the scene, they deserved it and with their compositions they earned a strong cult status among their fans.

2006 arrives and Asp and his companions in this gothic musical complex named ASP return with the ultimate offering for an ASP fan, "Werben"! It's limited to 999 compies all over the world and is filled with many interesting stuff, so those who are interested should move fast to the nearest dark music store and worship this oh so special release! People that don't know the band will probably ask "what are they playing?" and a possible answer could be "they are playing gothic rock" as i read around. Well, to tell the truth, to define ASP as just a gothic rock band it's not so fair simply because ASP has a very affected and multi-influenced sound, they have many elements that seperate them from other bands, something really positive in an era when copy bands are everywhere. Apart from the intense gothic rock elements their guitars tend to sound more metallic and heavier at times, a folk-driven approach at times with the violin, the guitar chords etc is present here and there and electronic elements never fail to make the overall aesthetic of the band more modern and danceable! Compositions like "Werben" that harmonize all these elements are definitely enormous!

This special box-set contains a CD which consists of 17 compositions (!!!), but beware, don't get "scared" like i did when i noticed the number of the tracks, only 10 of them are songs, the rest remaining are interview parts where the main figure of the band, Asp, speaks about the band and such, but in German, so don't ask me for more details to tell what he's talking about. As for the songs of the album, being either remixes or some new songs like "Possesion" and "Varieté Obscur" etc, they have all the elements listed on the previous paragraph, placed wherever they have to be and in the ideal quantities. The 12'' Vinyl disc consists of songs that have been chosen by the fans of the band, something that makes the whole attempt more complete and above all, a collectror's item lies in the box-set, the legendary promo single "Schwartzes Blut", something that every ASP fan is dreaming of having in his own collection!

Every member of the band pours his soul totally to the vision of ASP. The guitar work is just fabulous and whether the guitars sound heavier, more gothic rock driven or more folk oriented they definitely have a lot to offer and enrich the sound of ASP with beautiful melodies. The rhythm section interprets a really good tempo and groove keeping role whereas the sequencer's effects are always there to add their special essence to the sound of ASP along with the electro-driven synthesizers and keyboard melodies that adorn the sound of the band in the most appropriate way and add a more danceable vibe to them (and let's not forget the violin and such instruments partaking in the sound manifesto of ASP). Concerning the vocals now, Asp has a very characteristic voice with personal sound, a gifted interpreter that never fails to sound emotional or more "powerful" through his interpretation; his accent on the German lyrics is definitely fabulous!

Almost every song has to be a highlight, but my most beloved songs coming from "Werben" have to be the amazing title-track, the utterly emotional synth-driven "Beschwörung (Heimataerde Remix)" (the lurking keyboard melody somehow tends to remind me of the arch keyboard melody from Clan Of Xymox's "Back Door"), the powerful "Geisterjagd (Wandler Remix)", the intense "Ich Komm Dich Holn", the beautiful ballad "Possession" and the lengthy opus "Varieté Obscur"!

Well, are you an ASP fan? Go and get it! But even if you aren't an ASP fan and you'd like to get to know the band then this box-set is the ideal way to find out what ASP means in the most appropriate way! Either way, go and get it!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 10


Written on 03.06.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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