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Saviour Machine - Saviour Machine I review


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Band: Saviour Machine
Album: Saviour Machine I
Release date: 1993

01. Carnival Of Souls
02. Force Of The Entity
03. Legion
04. Ludicrous Smiles
05. The Wicked Window
06. Son Of The Rain
07. Killer
08. The Widow And The Bride
09. Christians And Lunatics
10. The Mask
11. A World Alone
12. Jesus Christ

A Gothic Metal band is usually expected to emerged from the shores of a cold country such as Norway, Sweden, Finland or from the Germany. A Doom Metal band is more likely to hail from England. However, one of the best in both styles is actually from California, its name: Saviour Machine. Based on the vision of the brother Clayton, Jeff on guitars and Eric on vocals, this amazing combo is however almost unknown in its homeland and therefore they sought a contract abroad. Their wish came true with a deal with Massacre Records materialized by their debut album entitle "Saviour Machine I".

First, let me say that this album is probably one of the best debut album I've ever listen all styles considered. The excellent opera-like voice of Eric Clayton and the clever mix of guitar, piano and keyboards bring a special touch to their songs. This stated, a closer look to the songs themselves inevitably conveys to the fact that there are no filler here. From the opener, the splendid 'Carnival Of Souls' to 'Jesus Christ' every track deserves a listen. Among the best compositions, the ballad 'Legion' I've seldom heard elsewhere. It carries so many emotions, it's impossible to ignore it. Another piece of art is 'The Wicked Window', dark as it could have been with a touch of progressive and lots of research in the drumming section. 'Killer' is a masterpiece of Gothic Metal with a rare oriental atmosphere. Finally, the ending trio composed by 'The Mask', 'A World Alone' and 'Jesus Christ' particularly deserves your attention. The dark ballad 'A World Alone' might be the best track on "Saviour Machine I" in my opinion. Absolutely flawless.

"Saviour Machine I" is a hell of a debut album. Dark, melancholic and majestically orchestrated, this record establishes Saviour Machine is one the best Doom/Gothic bands out there. If you're not afraid of discovering the true nature of the phrase "Gothic Metal", this album is the best guide to lead you into the land of shadows.


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21.06.2007 - 19:13
A really excellent debut-one of the most emotional albums with great unforgetable songs like son of the rain,legion,a world alone,force of the entity-a must have for everyone
Don't turn away just take my hand and when you make your final stand i ll be right there i ll never leave all i ask of you is believe...
23.01.2008 - 23:29
Rosetta Stoned
I didn't know this was their debute, it is extremely good for a first release! Unfortunately the production is not that good in my opinion but otherwise few stuff to complain about.
I would call Saviour Machine Gothic Metal, I would call them Goth Metal. Goth and Gothic are two different things to me, but nevermind that ^^

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