Velvetcut - Thirteen review


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Band: Velvetcut
Album: Thirteen
Release date: 2006

01. Lady Solitude
02. Everyone To Please
03. Room Of Our Existence
04. Comfortable Silences
05. The Chase
06. Dominoes
07. Where Love Has No Name
08. The Resident
09. Blow Out The Flame
10. Go Away

When I read how this Finnish outfit defined their sound I was excited to hear the album. And you can't blame me, "deep, atmospheric Rock" sounds pretty good, but sadly, the reality is other, it seems that deep, atmospheric rock is equal to washed-up Gothic songs with radio-friendly arrangements and mainstream aspirations.

This was quite predictable I think, with all the bands spawning from Finland, it was a matter of time to witness more mainstream-oriented bands trying to make it, the strange thing is that this one is signed to the ever-doomy Firebox Records.

Try to think of Entwine, HIM and 69 Eyes, and try to imagine these bands American rock-oriented arrangements, less melancholy and catchy (yet uninspired) passages. That's what you'll get with this release. While not all parts are that bland and sometimes the band injects some heaviness, the result is always the same: a failed attempt to make Gothic Metal sound more mainstream.

Unless you enjoy mainstream Rock once in a while, I recommend to avoid this one. The album lacks heaviness and originality and certainly isn't a great addition to your ever-growing Metal collection.

Written by Undercraft | 14.06.2006


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