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Nile - Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka

01. Smashing The Antiu
02. Barra Edinazzu
03. Kudurru Maqlu
04. Serpent Headed Mask
05. Ramses Bringer Of War
06. Stones Of Sorrow
07. Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche
08. The Howling Of The Jinn
09. Pestilence And Iniquity
10. Opening Of The Mouth
11. Beneath Eternal Oceans Of Sand

Released in April of 1998, Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka is the first full length album of Egyptian Death Metallers Nile. Sporting a different approach to death metal, and metal in general, this album shows Nile in their "raw" form. This is where it began, and what would eventually lead to later masterpieces such as "In Their Darkened Shrines."

What sets Nile apart from other bands of the same genre is obviously the Egyptian aspect. Scattered throughout the album are Egyptian instrumentals, chants, choir effects, and other various Egyptian accompaniment. Along with that, you get crushing guitars, great drumming and good death metal vocals. The album itself is short, running at around 33 minutes. However, it's brutal and consistent all the way through. The only break is a couple of instrumentals. Don't let that discourage you though, both sound very cool and really add to the overall mood of the album.

The production on this album is not as solid as later efforts but it's not enough to bring the album down. As I said earlier, it has sort of a raw sound to it, but not in a bad way. Every instrument is clear, with none of them being drowned out by others. It seems to fit the album just right. I grew to like the sound of it after awhile.

I'm not going to address every song, because they are all equally good and unique. Some definite highlights include Barra Edinazzu, Ramses, Bringer of War, Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche and Beneath Eternal Oceans Of Sand. In the end, this is an impressive debut, to say the least. If you're new to Nile, check this album out first, you won't be disappointed. A true jewel indeed.

Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Production: 9

Band profile: Nile
Album: Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka


written by Stigmatized | 07.07.2006

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Bloodshed - 07.07.2006 at 04:26  
Nice review actually, but they are not perfect in originality IMO. still it's a good review.
Daniel - 07.07.2006 at 05:05  
Cool review,pity I despise everything to do with nile............
Clintagräm - 07.07.2006 at 20:11  
Very nice review. One of my favorite Nile albums. Of course, I love them all.
Stigmatized - 10.07.2006 at 09:50  
Thanks Everyone!
Basso - 10.07.2006 at 14:22  

Nile rocks
lordz - 11.07.2006 at 20:42  
A master piece by one of the best brutal death metal bands in the scene
Stigmatized - 28.07.2006 at 05:06  
Written by Daniel on 07.07.2006 at 05:05

Cool review,pity I despise everything to do with nile............

Sorry I just noticed this. Why do hate Nile so much?
Daniel - 28.07.2006 at 11:30  
Written by Stigmatized on 28.07.2006 at 05:06

Written by Daniel on 07.07.2006 at 05:05

Cool review,pity I despise everything to do with nile............

Sorry I just noticed this. Why do hate Nile so much?

I can't stand the singer, ,plus,im not really into that kinda metal,overall I don't like there music or the band,but they do deserve some respect,they seem to be pretty popular
KryptoN - 28.07.2006 at 12:47  
Nice review, though I would have given production an 8 or even a 7 myself.
Stigmatized - 28.07.2006 at 16:35  
@Beverage- I love the vocals man, maybe it just isn't your style. Plus, they're not as popular as you would think.

@KryptoN-Thanks for the compliment. I know the production was a little rough, but I thought this was still an impressive debut and I didn't mind the sound so.....
Paganblood - 02.02.2007 at 12:51  
This is the 1st Nile album I listened to. I agree with you, great review!
Stigmatized - 02.02.2007 at 17:19  
Many thanks.
Throne of Rats - 29.04.2007 at 06:48  
My Favorite album of all time. No more to be said.
Uirapuru - 20.09.2008 at 08:20  
even thou this album is an almost masterpiece, its not the best one from Nile in my opinion, losing to ''In Their Darkened Shrines''.
Ramses bringer Of War is amazing.. this album deserves a 9.8 or something.
Ellrohir - 23.07.2009 at 00:55  
This album is pretty solid one
nb - 10.11.2009 at 02:18  
I like instrumentals a lot, it is not something to get discouraged about.
@gent_-_orange - 01.05.2011 at 03:47  
I love this album .... I think this is Niles most underrated album.
I_Die_Often - 01.05.2011 at 04:46  
IMO all Nile is great!

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