Apoplexy - Medical Malpractioners Of Pathological Perversion And Clinical Cannibalism review

Band: Apoplexy
Album: Medical Malpractioners Of Pathological Perversion And Clinical Cannibalism
Release date: 2005

01. Intramuscular Activity
02. Consumption Of Bodily Decomposition And Lacerations To The Cadaverous Sinew
03. Murder Is An Artform
04. Applications For Pathological Techniques And Procedures For Investigating Tissue
Removed Surgically (Surgical Pathology)
05. Gore Soaked Virgin
06. Pounds Of Feces Boiling In My Bowels
07. Zombie Apocalypse [Mortician cover]
08. Dissipated Entrails
09. Pathological Procedures And Morbid Mastication Of Fermented Flesh
10. Malignant Lobotomy
11. Suicide By Self-Disembowelment

I really like Goregrind and Gore Metal in general; this last genre, created by Impaled and such bands, doesn't qualifies as Goregrind and it also fails as being Death Metal, it's something in between if you know what I mean (it has more Gore overtones though). I brought this up because I have in my hands a Gore Metal album from a band called Apoplexy, they released Medical Malpractioners Of… last year and now I'll be the one reviewing it.

Apoplexy is an Exhumed-Worship band and if we analyze this fact we'll see that Exhumed itself is a Carcass-Worship band…not a good one to be honest; so, this band practically re-does what another band already re-did can you see what I mean? The music is brutal, heavy and quite fast so I have no complains in that area; Apoplexy presents some great songs in Medical Malpractioners…, the opening track, "Intramuscular Activity" has a great ascending intro and super-catchy riffs all over the place, Murder Is An Artform has a volatile structure and insane beats, "Pounds Of Feces Boiling In My Bowels" might be the best tune in this record with its brutal approaches and the amazing leads.

They have 3 vocalists, just like Carcass in their early works (coincidence?), one of them is in charge of the high-pitched tones and the other two create really deep grunts throughout the whole album, I really liked the guttural growls as they are quite original and shivering but the high screams sound just like the guy from Exhumed (Matt Harvey) and that turned me off a lot; another letdown came with the lyrics as I didn't find complex pathological terms or medical verdicts whatsoever and that's always entertaining to read at least for me. There's also a Mortician cover in the album, it's quite good but the production does not help at all, whenever the growls appear everything else just drowns and becomes muddy as hell; in fact, the whole album does not have the best production I've heard in my life if you know what I mean.

I say, if you like Exhumed or Impaled try this album as soon as possible, there are enough songs for you to be happy and it has a great exterior layout (cover and back-cover), the inside is kind of dull because incomprehensible gore pictures aren't as shocking today as they were in the late 80's. Anyway, the Gore Metal aficionados will find pure gold in Medical Malpractioners… for sure. Side-Note: It has a great sound clip at the end, you'll understand it if you saw "Day Of The Dead".

Best Tracks: "Pounds Of Feces Boiling In My Bowels", "Intramuscular Activity", "Suicide By Self-Disembowelment"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Production: 7

Written by Herzebeth | 16.06.2006



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