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Band: Arch Enemy
Album: Doomsday Machine
Release date: July 2005

Disc I
01. Enter The Machine
02. Taking Back My Soul
03. Nemesis
04. My Apocalypse
05. Carry The Cross
06. I Am Legend/Out For Blood
07. Skeleton Dance
08. Hybrids Of Steel
09. Mechanic God Creation
10. Machtkampf
11. Slaves Of Yesterday
12. Heart Of Darkness [Live in Paris 2004] [Japanese bonus]
13. Bridge Of Destiny [Live in Paris 2004] [Japanese bonus]

Disc II [German limited edition bonus DVD - Live Apocalypse preview]
01. Intro
02. Dead Eyes See No Future [Live in London 2004]
03. Ravenous [Live in London 2004]
+ Nemesis [video clip]

The 2005 release "Doomsday Machine" by Arch Enemy is yet another example of the band's ability to create brilliant melodic death metal, in their own unique way. Stepping further away from their older, original sound, Arch Enemy has created a new album consisting of songs that vary in speed and overall sound. "Doomsday Machine" is a highly entertaining mix of songs ranging from a slow, haunting intro to blistering, bone chilling riffs.

Enter The Machine is a slow, haunting intro, leaving you waiting for more. Knowing that Arch Enemy is holding back puts you on the edge of your seat anticipating their inevitable speed. In Taking Back My Soul, Arch Enemy show off their speed and launch straight into their faster, heavier sound. The guitar, bass and drums are all fast and furious, but stay un-monotonous, making this song fun to listen to without becoming boring fast. Nemesis, perhaps the fastest sounding song on "Doomsday Machine" is in my opinion the highlight of the album, with its incessant speed, contrasted with an eerie interlude near the end of the song. No two songs on this album sound the same, all of them have their own original riffs and solos, combined with killer lyrics and vocals, making this album unique and yet another amazing album from Arch Enemy.

Angela Gossow shows us again that she is an amazing death metal vocalist, showing endless skill in contorting her voice in the non-instrumental songs of this album. Daniel Erlandsson's constant powerful, machine-like drumming takes this album to a level of speed few bands can maintain. Michael Amott and Fredrik Akesson play their guitars mercilessly, with no shortage of energy or creative genius in their solos and riffs. Sharlee D'Angelo adds to Arch Enemy's heavy feel, and plays the bass lines and riffs with skill few bass players possess.

Upon first hearing "Doomsday Machine" I was hooked on the "Wages Of Sin" album's sound, and so was not impressed by the 2005 release at first. However the band's new sound and songs grew on me, and I came to love it. I give this album an overall rating of 9, and look forward to hearing more from Arch Enemy!

Written by Savage Messiah | 12.07.2006


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Doomsday Machine marks Arch Enemy's third installment in their new millennium Angela Gossow period. This album certainly has the slickest production of all three Gossow albums. Gossow herself has been produced in order to sound harsher vocally, sometimes bordering on black metal screeching on some songs. Fans of previous Gossow albums will enjoy Doomsday Machine but will be sad as this is the last Arch Enemy album with Christopher Amott on it. Amott left the band in the summer of 2005 in order to continue his studies.

published 29.06.2006 | Comments (17)

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There seems to be a lot of praise for Doomsday Machine, people think this was the comeback album of Arch Enemy after the lacking Anthems Of Rebellion. I didn't listen to Arch Enemy that often until I found the slipcase version of Doomsday Machine for a low price so I decided to pick it up and see what all the praise is about.

published 06.07.2008 | Comments (9)


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30.07.2006 - 12:36
What I think from this album, it's good, not same stuff from Arch Enemy. If you convert it to Anthems of Rebellion I think Doomsday Machines songs are slower. And they have "softer" sound. Like drumms and bass have that sound.

Well, well. Best songs would be Nemesis, Skeleton Dance and Machtkampf.
Good review!
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31.07.2006 - 11:46
Savage Messiah
Metal Drummer
hehe thanks
20.09.2007 - 22:27
Unasuming Madnes
i'll admit that I was never a big fan of the instrumentals of arch enemy until this album. There actually pretty interesting and you can tell that theres some definate musical maturity developing in the band (there not just a band which is aboutr being heavy), which can best be listened in Hybrids of steel and matchkaemph
20.09.2007 - 22:40
This album lacks energy, as compared to all their previous releases by far. And I really can't see this album as being purely melodic Death Metal, hence the brilliant term Gothenburg Metal. Half the album is indeed enjoyable, so it is recommended for fans to at least hear. 6 from me. Black Earth...Stigmata, thats much closer to melodic death metal.
22.09.2007 - 16:28
Written by Sunioj on 20.09.2007 at 22:40
Gothenburg Metal
For sure, but they've been that way since Wages at the least. Even this site has them down as the G, and I think they're usually quite slow to correct G bands from saying "melodic death"
death thrash death/doom/prog Hail Zoldon!

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28.09.2007 - 07:25
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
A little high of a rating, but still great. Though everything mentioned in the review is correct.
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