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Band: Sepultura
Album: Roorback
Release date: 2003

01. Come Back Alive
02. Godless
03. Apes Of God
04. More Of The Same
05. Urge
06. Corrupted
07. As It Is
08. Mind War
09. Leech
10. The Rift
11. Bottomed Out
12. Activist

Brazil's greatest metal export is roaring back [pun intended] with their brand new album! After parting ways with Roadrunner records [following their last release, 2001's Nation), Sepultura [made up of guitarist Andreas Kisser, vocalist Derrick Green, drummer Igor Cavalera and bassist Paulo Jr.] headed back into the studio for the recording of several cover versions [including songs by U2, Devo, Public Enemy, Jane's Addiction, Hellhammer, Exodus and Massive Attack] for the 2002 Brazilian only release Revolusongs.

Those fortunate to secure a copy know how energised the band sound on the seven-track E.P., which makes their new album all the more anticipated. Producer and mixer Steve Evetts [who also produced Nation] is again manning the controls, with Roorback [a term used in the media for a person uses a lie to take political advantage] almost entirely recorded in Sepultura's homeland.

Roorback is certainly a test of faith between fans and the band, and it's safe to say that the third release with Green on vocals is the best this line up has come up with yet.

While Sepultura are hardly breaking new ground on this album, they do seem to have found a formula that gels within the song writing, and Green's vocal presence.

The simple and direct approach of the battering opener 'Come Back Alive' is a clear indication of what the band are trying to achieve this time around, and that's straight to the point without the unnecessary extras. The speed of the songs delivery and build up in tempo brings back to mind Sepultura's past.

'Godless' is more recent output sound wise, while 'Apes Of God' features some compelling riffs and heavy percussion. 'More Of The Same', 'As It Is' contains some real primal sounds, but it's the many depths of sounds on 'Urge' and 'Corrupted' that will surprise most. 'Mind War' is a direct hit, while 'Leech' and 'The Rift' follow in style, but incorporates a slight punk feel to them both.

Green proves his melodic vocal abilities in the mid paced 'Bottomed Out' [with some great soloing from Kisser], leaving the fast paced 'Activist' to round the album out [apart from the actual final numbers 'Outro' and the hidden joke song].

Many had written of Sepultura after Max Cavalera left, but after a couple of shaky starts, Sepultura have really come up with the goods third time around. Put your prejudice aside and listen with a mind open to the future, and not clinging onto the past.

Written by Justin | 19.09.2003


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04.04.2009 - 09:41
Account deleted
I rate with 8!!!
I love all songs except BOTTOMED OUT.

13.06.2009 - 08:09
Liver Failure
While Sepultura are hardly breaking new ground on this album, they do seem to have found a formula that gels within the song writing, and Green's vocal presence.

This album is really a good surprise. The Green's vocals seem to be fitted better. There are some great songs in this album, Come Back Alive, ''Apes of God'' has a very nice chorus, the riffs on Corrupted, and of course the catchy Mindwar.

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17.06.2009 - 07:40
Why do people hate this album????I think this is a great album.Better than A-Lex and Dante XXI.
Will the ones who live after our end
Worship the goddamn cross again?
19.10.2009 - 08:10
Songs like *Godless *Apes Of God *The Rift *Leech *Corupted sounds really AWESOME!!!
I rate with a 8.5!!!

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