Beyond Twilight - For The Love Of Art And The Making review


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Band: Beyond Twilight
Album: For The Love Of Art And The Making
Release date: April 2006

01. In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movement)
02. Creep Evil
03. Sleeping Beauty - The Journey
04. Purity
05. Sleeping Beauty - Connected
06. Tongue Angel
07. I Moved
08. Blackened In My Eyes
09. Temptations
10. Fiery Woman
11. Sweet Irony
12. Conversation Of The Dead
13. The Perfect Heart
14. The Perfect Heart Part II - Think
15. The Key - Imagine
16. The Perfect Heart Part III (Modulated Instrumental)
17. The Black Widow
18. The Key Part II - Naked Truth
19. The Kiss Of The Wind
20. Dark Wild Rage
21. Temptations Part II - Return (Modulated)
22. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
23. Cold As Blue
24. The Awakening
25. Cold As Blue - Like A Candle You Start To Drip
26. Bilingues Cavendi. One Should Beware Of The Double-Tongued
27. The Awakening Part II - The Smile
28. The Awakening Part III - Opening The Curtains To A Beautiful Sunny Morning Watching The Singing Birds
29. In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movement Modulated With Irony)
30. Past The Magic
31. Past The Magic Part II (Rhythmic Laughter)
32. Nightwandering On Needles
33. In The Eyes Of My Soul (Second Movement Modulated With Irony)
34. In The Eyes Of My Soul (Second Movement)
35. 6 Seconds Past 6
36. Organ Scientistic Formula
37. Nightwandering On Needles Part II - The Answer
38. 6 Black Roses - Ship Of Rowing Slaves
39. Autumn Fog Message
40. Sleeping Beauty Returns - The Black Box Of Reverse (Forward)
41. The Black Box Of Reverse
42. In The Eyes Of My Soul (Third Movement)
43. In The Eyes Of My Soul - For The Love Of Art And The Making (Finale)

Damn, let me tell you that it wasn't easy to write the review of the last album of Beyond Twilight but if you had the luck to read some few stuff about the concept of the album, you already know that only someone disturbed like Finn Zierler was able to release something like that and on a side if the concept is just genius, the album is also a bit messy, but anyway no doubt that a great musical quality synonym of a great compositor is present on the new release of the Danish combo, "For The Love Of Art And The Making".

But let's talk about the concept of this release first. "For The Love Of Art And The Making" is a puzzle, I mean that it is composed of forty-three little songs with an average of 40 sec (the length can be of 20 seconds like 2 minutes) and the genius idea of Finn Zierler was to write songs which can work (theoretically) in every possible order. Well if it can be right on a side let's be honest to, sometime it's just an incredible mess and it's not so easy to understand anything but, evidently there are some good orders and in that case it's a little bit different. The only problem is that you'll have to find those good orders and with forty-three tracks… let me wish you good luck…

This concept is really original and "For The Love Of Art And The Making" is probably one of the first interactive pieces of music ever released but this "original" album evidently works because… it is simply and above all great music. And as always Beyond Twilight plays a really great and emotional Progressive music with this time some compositions that are a lot more symphonic, operatic and epic. All the songs even the really short ones have something special in their compositions and the performance (it wasn't easy to play something like that evidently) of the musician is near of the perfection.

The production is really great the sound and layout are perfect and the new singer Björn Jansson is also a really great replacement to the last vocalist Kelly Sundown Carpenter. Really except the fact that "For The Love Of Art And The Making" can become a real mess, this album is one of the most original releases of the ten last years.

Will you like it or not… This is the great question and I decided to forget the rating for this review because it's simply impossible to rate something which can be good or not depending of the way that you'll listen to it. Also I already know that if some people will pretend that it simply genius, some others will, on the other hand, say that it is just some intellectual masturbation. But at least this is original as hell, fresh and with a lot of good ideas and all the different songs are well written so in anyway we can say that it's a bad album and we can just misunderstand it in my opinion... "For The Love Of Art And The Making is just different music and it's not so easy of access but without any doubt, this album will become one of the most important releases of the Progressive Metal scene…

Written by Jeff | 17.07.2006



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17.07.2006 - 14:47
Retired Mod.
Definetly a great album, it sounds just so good, the production and the playing is really near perfection. I would probably give it a 9,5/10, really really good. A must!

Somehow I found it kind of similar to Diabolica Masquerade with Deaths Design, must be the multitude of songs, and the sometimes the quite erradic changes of intensity or something ... ah well.
18.07.2006 - 08:06
Jeff, I agree: this album is a magnificent mess

My CD came with one long track instead of 43 short ones. That means I can't listen on shuffle or be "interactive" Still, my one long track was rather enjoyable althouh it didn't move me the same way that their previous album, Section X, did.

Finn is really a genius in my book; one of my personal favourite composers.
"A life all mine
Is what I choose
At the end of my days"
--The Gathering "A Life All Mine" from Souvenirs
18.07.2006 - 17:46
i would have to say that the only thing about this that is less than perfect is the's too short!
19.07.2006 - 10:52
jeff I totally agree! You made a good choice by not giving a rating because I strongly believe the way you listen to it really differs... I can tell it by personal experience =)
24.07.2006 - 21:36
Account deleted
For the Love of Art and the Making is one of the best album I've ever heard. All the best to Beyond Twiligth.
01.08.2006 - 16:17
Account deleted
43 songs in 38 minutes?!

OK, so what is the "puzzle" you have to solve... perhaps I'm too lazy or unwilling to have to listen to that much Beyond Twilight--so, does anyone have the answer and want to share? Could someone e-mail the solution or post with hidden text...?
20.10.2006 - 19:55
no,i think they can't,because the point of this album is that every listener will find his/her personal solution depending on the way he/she listens it,there simply isn't one general solution
oh my fucking god, fucking dinosaurs
21.12.2006 - 04:35
Anyone could explain me this? It says that there are different ways to hear it. That means different song orders?
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31.12.2006 - 01:42
Account deleted
actually i found it really boring :S
08.02.2007 - 17:46
Account deleted
Best progressive album I've ever heard in my entire life
08.02.2007 - 17:54
Account deleted
It is a true masterpiece. One of the few pearls around. I love this band. Genious
12.02.2007 - 13:29
Account deleted
A must have for any proglistener
12.02.2007 - 15:21
Mr. Noise
So prog-metaller are going to do something new these days.. As the world turns..
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

"The reason I'm running for president is because I can't be Bruce Springsteen." - Barack Obama
12.02.2007 - 20:41
Account deleted
yeah. Nothing quite like BT. Very original. Awesome
07.06.2007 - 00:18
just heard it today, pretty awesome, i dont see the point of listening it in another way. sounds good in the order it comes in.
27.08.2007 - 22:40
This album is extremely good progressive metal. I mean... every part of the song is fresh and cool and fucking brilliant. Sick album! In a good way. Everyone into Progressive Metal or Metal should listen to this at least once.
24.10.2007 - 01:39
Demonic Tutor
The Enemy Within
I came upon this album recently, man, that's wicked! Kind of a prog version of "Death Design" by Diabolical Masquerade... Priceless!
14.12.2007 - 03:46
Totemic Lust
I remember when this album was #1 on the Top100, lol. And then people started throwing 1's.

It's almost been a year since I ordered this album, and it is still interesting each time I listen.
11.04.2008 - 02:52
The Sasquatch
Written by jadawal on 07.06.2007 at 00:18

just heard it today, pretty awesome, i dont see the point of listening it in another way. sounds good in the order it comes in.

hit the shuffle button and you will have a complete new experience
06.11.2012 - 22:58
High Fist Prog
God damn that first sentence is a run on if I've ever seen one

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